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Civil Law Case Study

Civil Law is a body of law that encompasses many areas of the law. Civil Law covers the different types of cases that arise in everyday life. It is practiced in both civil and criminal courts. Civil Law has many sub-specialties like Family Code, Civil Law, Commercial Law, International Law and Ordinary Law. A civil law case study guide is necessary for a student who wishes to pursue his/her career in this field. Civil Law is one of the few areas of law where every citizen has a right to get justice.

  • This guide helps students understand contract law better. When a civil case is undertaken, a lawyer usually has to prove the parties’ rights.
  • Most of the contract law case studies focus on the relationship between a company and an employee. The company hires an employee for a specific task.
  • But before the company can start paying him wages, it has to register the contract with the Civil Court. After the registration the wages have to be paid according to the contract.

This type of a civil law case studies helps students understand the different phases of a contract law case. The various aspects of a contract like what were the objectives behind the formulation of the agreement are also discussed. Other important aspects of these types of legal agreements are damages, interests, property, child support, custody, alimony, divorce and so on.

In order to help students gain an understanding of these different contract laws, the instructor will guide them in discussing each topic briefly.



20 March 2021


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