Young Lawyer Quotes to Become Even More Vocal Contrarian

Here you can find all the leading famous Legal Letters to a Young Lawyer. There are actually over 2+ legal letters in this collection. In fact, there are more than 20+ Legal Letters to a Young Lawyer quotations collected from different sources. You can use these posters & wallpapers on your mobile, desktop, print & frame them at home or share them with others on the different social networking platforms.

The collection includes some famous Legal Letters to a Young Lawyer from Sir Michael Caine, Sir Anthonyanners, Sir Alfred Wallace, Mr Justice disposed of the Enfield case, Mr Justice disposed of the Sainsbury’s case, Mr Justice Leggatt, Mr Justice Birmingham, Mr Justice Leggatt, Mr Justice Owen, Mr Justice Singh, Mr Justice Sharp, Mr Justice Stainton, Mr Justice Treacy and many others. All these legal letters are accompanied by witty & humorous text. It is obvious that these witty & humorous texts were written by a lawyer in his own time and had a deep understanding about the legal system of the day. In fact the collection of these letters has helped many young lawyers across the globe in gaining experience & understanding about the legal system of the country they are practicing in.

The letters written by Sir Michael Caine are particularly interesting. These include “A letter to a young lawyer, written while he was sitting on a beach in a Tropical Storm”, “A letter to a young lawyer, written while the explosion happened in Battery Park, near Eyebol”, “A letter to a young lawyer, written while he was stranded over a river in the middle of the sea, while the flood continued on for several days”. All these beautiful & humorous letters have made it into the list of the best M.D. quote. And every word said by him is worth reading and thinking over.

Another great example of a famous & well known lawyer is Charles Edward Pilate. He was a well known lawyer in his day. He authored famous essays & books on Law. However, it is his famous & oft-quoted quote that becomes perhaps the best quote for a young lawyer to become perhaps a vocal attorney someday. “The only thing that is certain in life is change. Nothing is certain except death and taxes” is an ideal quote to become a vocal and outspoken attorney.

In his book “Wanted: A Secular Pilate”, Christopher Hitchens also wrote a beautiful piece of wisdom “A lawyer who thinks what God wants may find himself.” In other words a prayerful lawyer who is willing to be honest and bold enough to say the truth no matter the consequences may become a very bold and vocal contrarian. There is no doubt that both of these gentlemen were truly great lawyers who made some very wise comments and writings in their works. So as an aspiring young lawyer to become a contrarian, you can follow either of these two great examples of lawyers.

However, there is another writer who is often quoted by young lawyers to become a vocal contrarian and that is David Dershowitz. In his recent book “Atlas Shrugged”, he has written a wonderful and charming piece of advice for young people to become powerful, articulate, and resilient. In fact, this famous author and lawyer pens many amazing letters that are aimed at helping people in America overcome their personal hardships. And one of his favorite quotes is, “You cannot build a wall around yourself. You must learn to walk in freedom”.

In his book “Atlas Shrugged”, he also pens letters to President Reagan and to Margaret Thatcher. In these letters he gives his unique take on important issues like religion, politics, global warming, and economic inequality. He also pens letters to various companies and corporations such as Microsoft, AT&T, Philip Morris, Walt Disney, and others. His contention in each of his letters is quite clear. He does not believe in following the crowd or following any kind of trend. Instead, he believes in being an individualist and thinking and behaving like a fellow human being.

And it is because of this uniqueness and brilliance of young contrarians like David dershowitz that the legal profession has never been in better shape than it is today. No one can ever measure up to the caliber of a great lawyer like him. One must understand that there is so much more to legal education and training than just passing a test. One must also develop one’s mind and talent through rigorous intellectual questioning and observation.

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