Why It’s Important To Verify Lawyers Before Election

During the assembly polls for the first time, there was an unusually high turnout of lawyers as people were more concerned about winning a good job than about contesting the election results. This raises questions about how the state bar councils were able to monitor the integrity of the new elections. Some have criticized the counting process as irregularities leading to confusion.

The state bar councils cannot afford to ignore any abuse of the voting system, but what are the solutions? There will need to be a review of the current system. It is obvious that there are going to be problems with irregularities during next year’s municipal elections. For starters, people are likely to vote for someone based on religion or ethnicity and not necessarily on merits. This increases the scope for manipulation, which is the last thing any lawyer wants. Hence, the creation of a Bar Council made up of elected members will make it easier for them to monitor the voting process.

A solution is a monitoring network that can be set up between the state bar councils and the provincial administration. In the New Year, the provincial office will forward the names of candidates who have passed the lawyer verification process to the state bar councils. However, this system may only be effective if the candidates themselves are trustworthy. Once the list is out, there should be checks and balances to ensure the election process is free from rigging.

If you are someone who wants to get into politics, it is imperative that you find out how to verify a candidate before putting your support behind him or her. You cannot afford to compromise your principles just to secure a job. Lawyer verification before elections helps you avoid this possibility and ensures that the person who comes to you for a consultation has a clean track record. The best part is that these services are not costly and can be easily incorporated into your campaign budget.

The New Delhi Bar Council has been in the forefront of introducing a transparent and fair process of vetting lawyers. They have also set up a hotline number that can be dialed to report instances of malpractice and corruption in the legal profession. These hotline numbers will not be available during normal business hours, so you need to call in at least 24 hours before your consultation.

During the consultation itself, you can ask your prospective candidate to undergo a lawyer verification before election process begins. If they refuse, you should question why. Try to get concrete answers and verify if they have sufficient legal knowledge to handle the case on your behalf. If they answer in the affirmative, you can proceed to the next step of selecting the one who can best defend your interests.

Another way to do it is to check the credentials of the Bar Council. They have set up a panel of experts who are responsible for ensuring that lawyers meet certain minimum standards. Candidates that are on this list are carefully screened to ensure that they have a certain level of skill and expertise required for the job. This panel ensures that legal professionals are being appointed only after they have passed the required vetting process.

Once you get back to the office, your clients will wait for you outside. When you arrive, you can give them the names of their lawyers and the phone number to contact them in case there is something else you want to discuss with them. You can then verify whether they have adequate knowledge or not about the particular legal matter you have been asked to consult with them regarding. Hence, lawyer verification before election ensures that the people you are advising to vote for are the ones who are really knowledgeable about the issues facing the country.

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