Why Female Attorneys Should Dress Sexy

Female lawyers are a special section of lawyers. They have their own set of challenges and they are generally treated better than the male lawyers. Lawyer in DHA Karachi are considered as elite and their dress codes have to be strict. The professional and social importance of a lawyer is higher in this part of Pakistan.

It is a well-known fact that lawyers working in different institutions are always conscious about their dress. In fact many times it is observed that women lawyers are treated with special treatment and their dressing standards are also higher. The dress code of Pakistani women is known to be strict.

In fact many times it has been seen that women attorneys are even expected to be well dressed when they enter into court. This goes a long way in boosting their confidence level. This is why many female attorneys have adopted the same dress code. They wear a salwar kameez, which is the traditional attire of Pakistani women.

However, there are few women lawyers working in the public sector who are now demanding for change. There have been various campaigns organized by lawyers working for them. These lawyers want to wear pants suits so that they can match with other lawyers working for them.

The demand for such flexibility among female attorneys is high. It has been seen that the clothes of female lawyers help them present themselves as professional and sophisticated. Such outfits include kurra, salwar kameez, etc. They look professional and classy, which helps them get through their day as well.

Lawyers wear different dresses while representing a client in a court. Sometimes a female attorney might need to access the jury. The same scenario would occur if she is representing an estate law case. She would have to access the jury while in her costume.

It would be difficult for female attorneys to get through the day in such costumes. Sometimes it could even create a nuisance for the clients. In such circumstances, male lawyers could wear a suit and carry a briefcase while dealing with the case. This practice is becoming very popular among female lawyers too. Some female attorneys even prefer to use skirts and trousers along with a white or pink lawyer suit while representing a client in a court.

Many female attorneys do not like to wear any sort of a dress while representing clients. They feel that they are not presenting themselves as professionals. However, that is what is happening these days.

It is a good thing that there are more female attorneys in the society. There are more women in the workplace and many firms are employing more females. However, this does not mean that the society should accept a female lawyer dressed in a skirt and a top. We should not allow female attorneys to present themselves in such a manner.

Some female attorneys have been asked by their clients to wear a dress while representing their clients. It has been suggested that female attorneys do not wear a suit while working in a law firm. This is not correct. It is always better to wear a business suit or other office clothing to a court house.

Female lawyers should make sure they look professional. They should not wear anything that is vulgar and which may make them look stupid. Male lawyers can choose to wear a suit that looks smarter and is in tune with the practice he is representing. Female attorneys on the other hand should wear something that is sexy and appropriate. There should be nothing that can mar the image of a lawyer and make him look ridiculous.

When a lawyer is representing a client he or she should ensure that the clothes they wear speak volumes about the type of law they represent. If a female lawyer is representing an automobile accident case, she should wear a leather jacket and dark pants. The hair of this professional must be well-groomed and her nails must be clean. These professionals should wear patent leather shoes. Clients and other people should not be able to figure out that the lawyer is a woman.

Female lawyers should make sure that the clothes they wear are trendy and are in accordance to the norms that are followed by corporate houses. Clients should not feel uncomfortable when they approach a lawyer. In case there is a question, which can be answered by either male or female attorneys, the appropriate choice would be a male lawyer. It will help build up their confidence level and will show that they are competent. This is the best way to promote professionalism among female attorneys.

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