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Lawyer Ki Study Guide is the latest addition to the curriculum of Law School in Karachi. This course was launched by the Law Association of Pakistan. It is one of the three courses introduced by the Karachi Bar Association to prepare aspiring lawyers for practice in Pakistan. This study material was prepared by barrister Fazal Mehta. He is a practicing lawyer and is very familiar with all the intricacies involved in the case study of a trial lawyer. This study material will benefit those who are willing to practice in the field of criminal law.

The course is divided into three parts. Part I will be on the basic concepts, Part II will deal with the case study material and the last part will focus on the practicability of the concepts. Each section is divided by the topics of study. They are arranged in four parts so that the student will have a clear picture about each part.

Part I will be on the legal issues and procedures of practicing as a lawyer. The first four chapters will be about the legal issues and the significance of them to the life of an individual. The next two chapters will introduce the lawyer as a professional who practices in the area of law. This will discuss the areas where he has specialization. The final chapter will discuss the legal issues associated with the practice of a lawyer.

Part II will deal with the case studies and the procedure involved in them. This part will help the lawyer to analyze the legal issues present in a case and the procedures that need to be followed to prove a case. After going through this course, the lawyer will be able to understand and deal with all sorts of cases. The topics that will be covered in the final part include the ethical and legal issues of practicing as a lawyer.

The lawyer can use the case study material for various purposes. One of the things that can be done is to evaluate the effectiveness of any legal service provider. The effectiveness of the service that a lawyer provides is determined by the level of quality of the case study material used for the same.

There are many law firms and practices that use Lawyer Ki study material for training purpose. It has been found that a lot of these firms are able to provide their employees with high quality training in many professional fields. Some of these fields include corporate law, labor law, employment law and family law among many others. They have been able to create awareness among their employees regarding the ethical codes and obligations that are expected from them in every practice. This knowledge sharing will help the employees in making the right decisions when it comes to representing themselves in legal matters. All the knowledge that is gained during Lawyer Ki training will help the candidates to easily analyze legal cases and understand all the key issues related to the practice of a lawyer.

Lawyer Ki study material will help the trainees to formulate an effective argument for a particular legal case. The trainees will also be able to make effective arguments on various legal issues in front of the judges who will be delegated the responsibility of hearing the case. During Lawyer Ki course, the candidates will be taught how to present their case in front of the judges with the help of an impressive argument. They will also be taught how to analyze the facts presented by the lawyer in order to reach the best possible conclusion. By studying the study material provided by this course, the trainees will know how to effectively present their case to the judges.

Lawyer Ki course helps in preparing the candidates for becoming a successful lawyer. These include proper knowledge on various legal matters, effective communication skills, good listening skills as well as good oral skills. Lawyer Ki course is also known as the Ki Lawyer Training program. This program enables the candidates to learn various important skills required to become successful lawyers. These include presentation skills, listening skills as well as persuasive skills. Once a person gets through Lawyer Ki course then he/she can easily go forward and prepare himself/herself for a successful profession in the field of law.

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