What Is the Meaning of Lawyer Ka Matalab Hain Kiya?

What is the meaning of lawyer? Law is one of the most important things in our life. There are a lot of lawyers but what is the meaning of lawyer? Law is not only a field for attorneys to practice their profession but also it’s a source of attraction to many people especially to youngsters. Lawyer plays an important role to solve legal problems that people face.

I am a corporate lawyer from defence housing authority, my name is Abubakar Alamgir. My specialization in the field of litigation support is based on personal injury cases. I have represented many clients who suffered injuries related to accidents and other civil wrong doings. So I have been exposed to different kinds of lawyers and know them very well. But my experience with various lawyers started when I started taking up Hindi as my compulsory language in university, so I did not have much time to study any laws or legal services.

As my passion for learning and knowledge about various legalities grew along with my academic performance, I decided to join a private law school. But I was disappointed with the limited knowledge and learning tools offered in those schools as all the teachers there taught only English dictionary. Even the students were hardly aware of legal rights and their importance in our lives. They were just taught about general subjects like law, justice, ethics, etc. The only subject on which they paid attention was that of an English dictionary.

At that time, no one taught us about the meaning of words or the importance of translation of legal documents. Many of us were ignorant of the meanings of words and phrases. Even less few of us knew about terminologies like steroids, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hepatitis, etc. So my search for more knowledge about the world of laws and its legal rights led me to the internet, from where I got to know about the origin of many words. This helped me understand the significance of words and their synonyms better.

Then came the concept of synonyms. I understood that synonyms are also an important part of the dictionary of any language; they help the people find the meaning of any word easily. So, once again I went into the online dictionary to check the synonyms of lawyer. Once I was able to analyze the word, I understood what is meant by this word. So now whenever anyone asks me what is the meaning of lawyer in English, I can confidently answer them that lawyer means a lawyer, a legal representative or an attorney.

There are several other factors involved, which can be considered while you are answering the question what is the meaning of lawyer in English. Like for example, the word ‘lawyer’ includes the prefix ‘law’, which simply means law. Law is one of the most important subjects in any civilization; you cannot think of a society without laws. If we do not have any laws then the society will not be able to survive, like in the case of Canada, the government has introduced a Bill of Rights to guarantee the rights of the people. Similarly, if we do not have any written laws or constitution then you cannot claim any sort of accountability from others.

What is the meaning of lawyer in English can also be determined by knowing about the different legislations that are enacted in the country. For example, American lawyer means the same as attorney general or state attorney general. In the British system, you would know that the term ‘bankruptcy’ simply means the legal process of removing a bankrupt from the financial market. If someone is bankrupt then he/she cannot take any more loans or advances from banks or financial institutions. For clearing all the liabilities through bankruptcy, a person needs to find the best bankruptcy lawyer who can guide him/her in the right way.

What is the meaning of lawyer in Hindi/Urdu can also be known by studying the various vocabulary or phrases in English and looking out for similar words. For instance, word ‘bankruptcy’ has similar synonyms with ‘laid-off’, ‘disbandaged’, ‘replaced’ etc. In the same way, words like ‘clothed’, ‘carpeted’, ‘homespunched’ and ‘stacked’ have similar meanings in Hindi language. You can also look out for the word ‘kerang’ or ‘taalim’. This word also has various synonyms like ‘hail’, ‘blowing wind’ or ‘rainbow’. Similarly, one can get the meaning of ‘what is the meaning of lawyer in Hindi/Urdu from these few examples.

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