What Is the Lawyer Course Meaning in Urdu?

Lawyer course meaning in Urdu cannot be confined to the usage as a profession. Lawyer is the word which is used for the attorney. He is the man who stands for the legal services and has to fight for the rights of the people who get involved in any kind of legal issues. There are several meanings of the course word meaning in Urdu and if you want to know them you need to know the cultural values of the people and their legal background also.

There are several things you must remember before you understand the course meaning in Urdu. The first thing is the pronunciation. Some people may have different pronunciations of the letters, while some may not have same letter combinations in the next letter. The next thing is the way the words are written. A few letters may be omitted or added in the middle of the word. These things should be known from the cultural background and the people who write in this language also.

If you want to know the meaning of the word legally in Urdu, you can search easily the internet by entering the word in the search engines. Lawyer is one of the popular searched words in Urdu. If you have some knowledge about Lawyer you can start your research on the Internet. You can search the Lawyer course meaning in Urdu through the many websites which provide the easy English vocabulary, grammar and sentences learning platform through Urdu language.

The correct Lawyer course meaning in Urdu is as follows, Lawyer means an attorney; a lawyer means a person having authority given duties by the state, a law abiding citizen; the word ‘law’ in the English language has different meaning depending on which country you are speaking and in which state you are residing. In the English language, the word ‘lawyer’ is used for any kind of attorney. In the Arabic language, there is no word for “lawyer” but a “law” is used as a generic term. So the correct meaning of Lawyer course in Urdu is wake ya mukhtar qanooni.

The word “law” is not only used for a lawyer but it is also used for a judge, a jury and for any kind of court official. It is true that there are some laws in Pakistan and if you have any problem regarding any type of legal case you can always seek the help of an attorney from the court. But the meaning of the word Lawyer in Urdu is just the same as the meaning of the word Law in the English language. That is how Lawyer Course in Urdu is searched English language. In fact, from the search engine result pages you will find Lawyer Course in Urdu being searched quite often.

“An attorney at law” means “one who defends/appeals law/cases from/on behalf of the client”. A person practicing Law is known as “lawyer” or “amicus”. There are several different types of attorneys in the law. Before taking any type of legal action you must seek the advice and assistance from an attorney at law.

Attorney at law means “one who defends/appeals law/cases from/on behalf of the client”. The word “apyariah” which means “a counselor” is another common word in Law that is also used as a term of address in Law. Another common word in Law is “qanooni” which means “aid”. Then “qanooni sab ka samadhi” means “if you want to be rich/free”. There are several meanings of Law in Urdu; all of them are used as salutations to one another.

Lawyer course in Urdu is very interesting and informative. You will learn all about law in Urdu, and its various forms and stages. There are several free downloadable Lawyer Courses in Urdu on the internet. In fact there are free-Law Courses in Urdu available for download right now!

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