What is the Difference Between Lawyer and Advocates in Hindi?

What is the difference between Lawyer and Advocate in Hindi? Both are professionals who offer legal services to people or parties. But while a Lawyer can resolve legal issues for his client, an Advocate does the same but on a personal level. He represents his client’s case personally in court as his lawyer. But there are many differences between Lawyer and Advocate in Hindi.

They both have the same education; Lawyer in India is provided by universities in India. Both of them have similar qualifications and degree to achieve the position. Both have the same experience to become a Lawyer. Both of them practice in the same court houses, in different states in India. And yet there are some differences too between Lawyer and Advocate.

The most noticeable difference between Lawyer and Advocate in Hindi is that a Lawyer is educated and trained whereas an Advocate is not. A Lawyer has to go through formal training and get licensed in the state where he practices. He also gets special licenses and certifications from the state where he practices. He may be a Bachelor or a Master in Law or may even have other degrees to his credit.

A Lawyer gets paid on his performance, while an Advocate gets paid on his performance plus the amount he charges for his work. The nature of work is very different too in the two. A Lawyer has to help the client in every way possible, which includes advising him, arguing with him, giving him advice and helping him to solve all his problems. On the other hand, an Advocate has to explain his case and defend him in court. For this he has to have thorough knowledge about law and its amendments. He must also have good communication skills to connect with the client and make him understand the case in the best possible way.

There are many reasons why people seek services from a Lawyer or an Advocate. Sometimes a Person cannot afford to hire an Attorney for various legal proceedings. Sometimes a Lawyer has to be called upon quickly to defend a client in a court of law. And sometimes a Lawyer has to be called upon to defend a client in court that he has not represented.

Both these necessities sometimes make it difficult for people to hire an Attorney, especially in cases where they know that they do not have enough knowledge about legal matters. This is where the services of a Lawyer or an Advocate come in handy. They guide the clients and the people who want to hire them to do the right thing under the law. In other words, they help people understand their legal rights and the legalities involved in legal proceedings. This makes it easier for people to understand the legalities involved.

A Lawyer can be compared to an Attorney only in the sense that both of them have to help the client in getting what he or she legally deserves. However, unlike an Attorney, a Lawyer does not need to take the case to the court of law. He/she does not even need to appear in a legal proceeding. What a Lawyer does is explain the legalities and reasons behind the proceedings. After explaining the procedures to the client, the Lawyer would ask the client to prepare his/her answer to the question asked.

The above mentioned explanation should help you understand the difference between a Lawyer and an Attorney. However, if you still have some queries, you can seek help from your friends or acquaintances who are experts in the field. They would surely be able to help you understand your legal rights better.

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