What is a Defence Lawyer Meaning in Urdu?

One of the common questions that people ask from their friends or relatives in Pakistan and India is what is the meaning of a defence lawyer in Urdu? defence is a part of the law where a person defending his case from an attack or injury by others is called as defence lawyer. So, what exactly is the significance of a defence lawyer in Urdu? The significance of a defence lawyer in Urdu cannot be understood or judged within a single line alone. To better understand this concept, let’s have a detailed discussion about this subject matter.

It is commonly understood that defence lawyer means a lawyer who fights for someone against the attack or injury caused to him or her. But the phrase has more than one meaning in Urdu. Some people say that ‘defence’ or ‘lawyer’ is the same word while some people say ‘defence lawyer’ is the shortened form of defence.

In fact both defence and lawyers are related to law. Lawyer is the profession that is concerned with legal services whereas defence is the military terminology used in the English language to describe the officers who fight for the defence in a court of law. Even the phrase has various meanings. To know it well you should be aware of its real meaning otherwise it would become difficult for you to differentiate between defence from legal services.

As already explained above, defence is a part of the law. The term simply refers to the service provided by a lawyer. It is defined as the ability of a lawyer to act on behalf of somebody or something.

The phrase ‘lawyer’ is used broadly in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. But in India and in general all over the world, the term ‘lawyer’ is used to describe any type of legal service provider. In India, the lawyers are known as the advocates. They are professionals who provide legal services to people who are associated with different legal matters. The common things that differentiate the advocates from the lawyers is their profession and the skills that they possess.

In the legal field the term ‘lawyer’ is also commonly used to describe any type of official who provides the service. He might be the government’s solicitor, a barrister, a solicitor or even an attorney. Sometimes he may even be a judge or a district judge. A judge is a high-ranking official who deals with cases involving criminal laws. The courtrooms of the country are named after them.

Lawyer also denotes power in the legal field. This means that he is the top lawyer and all other lawyers are subservient to him. There are certain types of relationships that exist between a lawyer and his clients. These are known as the ‘special relationship’. Some of the common terms that are used in the context of the special relationship are the ‘special privilege’, ‘confidence relationship’ and the ‘trust relationship’.

The other common law term that is commonly used is ‘khalwat’. It means investigation or detection. A detective works for the police department, whereas a khalwat is the head of an investigation or detection team. Investigation is a process through which a person who suspects any case of fraud is suspected. The investigation is done by a khalwat and a defence lawyer meaning in Urdu can be termed as the investigator.

Law is one of the fields of study that is widely known all over the world. This is because it deals with the application of laws in a global perspective. Criminal law is also one of the many fields of study that includes criminal law, civil law, family law and white collar criminal law.

A criminal defence lawyer is known as the prosecutor. This is because they defend the accused in criminal cases. They make sure that the client does not get convicted in a criminal court. This is why it is very important that a person chooses a good criminal defence lawyer.

It is quite common for people to confuse these terms. One should never do this, as it could have devastating effects on the case. So make sure you know what the two words mean.

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