What Does a Lawyer Mean?

Wikipedia states “A lawyer is an attorney who practices law, or offers legal services.” So what is the meaning of Lawyer in DHA Karachi? Lawyers are considered to be one of the most important elements in any law firm or office. The presence of a lawyer greatly enhances the work of his clients. He is responsible for the formulation of the strategy, conduct of trials, arguments presented in court.

The responsibility of a lawyer can be determined by the country’s constitution. In Pakistan, lawyers are subject to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Law. As per the law, lawyers hold a high position as compared to other trained professionals. In fact, the bar association of Pakistan has categorized lawyers into seven categories, to which the Bar Association of Dubai is the supreme authority.

Wikipedia states that a lawyer is a profession concerned with defending clients’ rights under the law. A lawyer is required to be independent, have knowledge of local laws, comprehend the administrative procedure, understand court customs, and be able to present convincing argument to defend or defeat a case. In short, lawyer meaning “attorney” refers to an attorney practicing law.

Lawyers are required to hold a degree from a law university or college, pass the bar examination, and obtain licensure from the state they practice in. In order to practice law, lawyers must also get specialized training from approved institutions, such as the American Bar Associations, or the National Association of Legal Assistants. The profession of a lawyer includes several sub-specialties, including criminal law, civil law, family law, corporate law, labor law, public law, and international law. In Pakistan, lawyers are required to get a special license from the government, to practice in a private law firm.

Wikipedia defines lawyer as “a lawyer is a professional who deals in cases of law. Some lawyers are specialized in a particular field of law such as criminal law, civil law, or forensic law.” Therefore, according to Wikipedia, a lawyer can specialize in any of these areas as per his requirements. In fact, in some parts of the world, lawyers offer their services not only in the formal law court but also outside the court, i.e. within the client’s home.

However, what is at stake when a lawyer performs these additional tasks? Many lawyers argue that it infringes upon their right to provide a legal service. As such, some lawyers have taken steps to protect themselves from prosecution by setting up secrecy agreements with their clients. They do this by locking away the specific legal documents that they may need in order to carry out their duties. Clients often find it difficult to locate these documents once they leave the attorney’s office, if they even exist.

A more common example of a lawyer having these types of relationships with his/her clients is when the lawyer drafts a contractual relationship with the client prior to providing him/her with legal advice. Such a relationship is known as an “advice to the lawyer” relationship. The courts are generally very tolerant of such forms of client-lawyer relationships and have upheld them over the years. Nevertheless, one can be troubled by the implications of such a form of business transaction.

The bottom line is that all lawyers have one thing in common. They are men (and it may even be a woman), who are trained lawyers. Therefore, one can be rest assured that a lawyer is male (although it has been noted that at times there are traces of the women). This article is an attempt to introduce you to the world of lawyers, its practices, and their professional outlooks.

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