What Does a Lawyer Mean in Tamil Nadu?

The lawyer meaning in Tamil is “the protector and counselor of the people” in law. In Chennai, civil lawyer’s services providers like Chennai civil law, Chennai civil defense, Chennai law, etc also provide the same lawyer meaning. The main motto of Chennai’s civil lawyers is to defend the people of Tamil Nadu. Civilians or people of Tamil Nadu have many problems like Dalits (non-residents of Tamil Nadu), Muslims, Christians and so on. Lawyers from Chennai specialize in these different cases, some are criminal, others human rights.

Many a times, the word “carnelian” (not specifying either the person or the thing) appears in the name of a lawyer. It may be a Tamil poet, a Tamil scholar, a Tamil critic, a Tamil writer etc. A Tamil writer and critic, E R A Krishna write about “Carnelian” as “a name that signifies man”. Another famous writer and critic from Tamil nadu are K. S. Ayyappan, who calls it “Manadani” which means man ideal. Similarly, a Tamil scholar and academician Dr. V. N. Karat describe Manadani as “man ideal”.

A Tamil Nadu civil lawyer must know about human rights and also know the Tamil language and dialect. He must be a person with an open mind. He must be able to speak Tamil too. Civil lawyers in Chennai and all over South India providing legal services to different kinds of people need such characteristics.

There are many common law jurisdictions in India itself. Civil lawyers belonging to many common law jurisdictions to practice law in India and they are called as general practitioners or barristers. A barrister is not a lawyer. Barristers are persons who can practice law, but do not hold licenses of lawyers.

The profession of a barrister is divided into two parts. One part is known as the commercial law practice and the other part is called the litigation law practice. Commercial law practice refers to practicing law in a commercial enterprise. A commercial lawyer can represent clients who have a business but cannot act as a lawyer in criminal cases. For instance, a businessman cannot hire a criminal lawyer for a civil case that he has faced. For this reason many common law jurisdictions have made some changes to make the barristers hold licenses to practice law.

Civilians can also be called advocates. This is because advocates are those people who take up cases for the common law jurisdictions. For example a Tamil woman who is married to an American citizen can be called an advocate. This kind of people do not practice as lawyers, but they can be called counselors. Counsel can be found in almost every law firm in India. There are many common law jurisdictions in which lawyers are employed by the advocates.

Other lawyers can be called counselors. Counsel can help the client in many ways like giving legal advice. Many attorneys call their counselors in order to give legal advice on the basis of case history. This is common practice in many barristers parlors. For instance in Tamil Nadu there are barristers who employ counselors to help the clients in legal matters.

It is very important to know about the different types of lawyers. The most common type of lawyer is the barrister. The next type of lawyer is the advocate. Then there are the common law courts where there are criminal cases to be heard and many lawyers who practices law there. Last but not the least, there are the superlaw courts where high level criminal cases are heard. After knowing all the types of lawyers it is important to choose the best lawyer who has been called to the bar and is qualified to practice law in Tamil Nadu.

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