Tropes vs. Lawyers – A Review

“Lawry – Lawyer Love Story” has been made into a blockbuster movie by Kellog Brown and directs a large group of characters from all walks of life. Ayer is an attorney practicing in the legal field in Pakistan. The film revolves around a legal case which goes to the courtroom but has twists and turns that will keep the viewers entertained. The story includes many colorful personalities from both the sexes who play different roles.

The main protagonist of the film is lawyer Chan Ming-Kang, who is depicted as a sharp legal mind and sharp tongued. There was a fair mix of action, drama and even good old fashion comedy throughout the entire course of the film and so there is almost anything for anyone in the audience to get involved with. “Lawyer Lawyer Romance” is a definite improvement over the previous film starring Meg Ryan, “Singles in Waiting”. For a start the script is much better and more original. It’s also credited to the fact that Chan Ming-Kang, as always, steals the show.

The story revolves around an attorney, Chan Ming-Kang, who works in a small town called Din Ka Tong. He has a beautiful wife named Tran, whom he adores. On the day of the wedding, she takes her own life after telling her boyfriend she is going to have an abortion. When the lawyer tries to help her out, she ends up strangling him to death in the shower. This prompts him to form a group of lawyers called the “Din Ka Tong Lagers” which are based in Din Ka Tong, to help the poor and underprivileged.

The film basically follows the life and times of this lawyer, as he takes on all the cases that come across his desk. The movie is not for the squeamish as some of the scenes involving the lawyer’s violent nature may be disturbing for some. It would be best to avoid the screening of this movie during times when violence is on the rise. If one chooses to watch this movie, one must remember to turn the sound off since some scenes involve the use of very loud noises, which may be upsetting to some viewers.

The movie follows lawyer by one of his many cases. One such case involves a young girl from Din Ka Tong, who falls ill and is hospitalized. While at the hospital, her brother tries to convince the doctors to allow him to take her off from the sick bed and take her home. Unfortunately, the girl’s parents are against this and prevent them from letting their daughter go home. As a result, the lawyer decides to help her out of her misery by taking on the case and fighting the doctors and the parents to help this poor girl.

While this movie has one of the best opening sequences of all time, it does have its fair share of problems and bumps in the road. For example, after having a good start to the movie, the plot is ruined by the lawyer getting a hold of his ex-girlfriend. This would have been great had he not shot one of the most memorable scenes of the movie: when he shoots his target right in the leg with his Billy club!

The legal battle scene is one of the most well filmed scenes in movies. The lawyer uses the classic legal maneuver known as the “paralegal’s argument” to get his client’s acquittal. It is one of the funniest scenes in the film as the lawyer tries to convince his client that it would be better for him if he was not found guilty. Another funny moment occurs when the lawyer compares the death penalty to slavery. Finally, there is a very brief exchange where the lawyer tells his client that the client would be better off being burned alive. Although this is one of the more hilarious parts of the movie, the lawyer has a point.

Overall, Tropes vs. Lawyers are an enjoyable, light-hearted movie that makes you laugh when the lawyers are having a bad day. Although the ending seems well contrived at times, it still ranks as a near perfect movie pick for any law school student. It is worth a watch, and you might even end up picking it up for your own study or law library.

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