Total Strength of Lawyers in Pakistan

The Total Strength of Lawyers in Pakistan is a prestigious accolade given to a lawyer each year. It is the second most sought after profession in Pakistan and scores high when it comes to consumer satisfaction rankings. According to a recent survey by FMS International, a leading market research firm in Pakistan and India, Pakistan’s lawyers enjoy high levels of consumer satisfaction, with an average satisfaction rating of 98 percent. The survey found that consumers prefer a diverse set of legal professionals, such as senior judges, barristers, solicitors, senior managers and others.

Consumer satisfaction ratings for lawyers in Pakistan reflect the country’s high level of service to its law industry and the importance of the legal profession to the country’s economy. While many of the surveyed lawyers said they were satisfied with their employment and their salaries, only one out of ten lawyers said that they are happy with the way their clients are treated inside the office. Only three out of ten lawyers said that they have never faced a personal or professional problem as a result of handling their case. Only a few lawyers said that they are actively involved in community services and the like.

The lawyers surveyed feel that their clients usually face difficulties as a result of inefficient and unprofessional behavior on the part of court personnel and other officials in the legal industry. While only five percent of the respondents said that their firms provide personalized service, the overwhelming majority (nearly 80%) did not believe that this is being well served by the current system. Most people living in Pakistan, in both rural and urban areas, expressed satisfaction with the current legal system and legal industry. Moreover, the majority of the people who live in rural areas believe that lawyers play an important role in the society. They also said that they rely on lawyers for guidance on local matters.

The lawyers in Pakistan are expected to perform their duties in a professional manner and show concern for their clients. The lawyers should be able to assist the client in the preparation of a case, hearing the case, presenting oral arguments, cross-examinations and also dealing with other post-argument activities. In addition, the lawyer should be able to offer efficient advice on various legal matters. However, these expectations are often not heeded by the lawyers practicing locally.

It was found that most of the legal professionals in Pakistan are not dedicated to any particular field of law. Most of them were found to be experts in various fields of law. However, some specific areas were also found to be critical in some cases. When hiring an attorney, the client should ensure that he or she has selected the right lawyer who has the required expertise and skills required for fighting the case on the right platform.

There is a serious dearth of genuine and capable lawyers in Pakistan. Many of the aspiring lawyers in Pakistan face tremendous difficulties in getting a good legal practice. The main reason behind this is the lack of education and exposure to the latest innovations in the field of law. The law school rankings and the bar exam also have a direct bearing on the success of a lawyer in building up a successful career. Most of the legal professionals in Pakistan are found to be lacking the required exposure and education.

Moreover, most of the people who aspire to become lawyers face incredible monetary problems in order to fund their education. All those who have the capability to start off with a limited capital do not have the option of taking up a career in the field of law. This is because the fees charged by the lawyers in a private practice are much higher than the fees charged by any other professional who practices in a public law firm. In addition to this, many people find it difficult to locate a suitable lawyer in a small town. Even if one manages to get a lawyer, he or she may not be well versed in the latest developments in the legal fields.

In spite of all these hurdles, the profession of law has made a strong presence on the economy of Pakistan. With the increasing number of businesses that seek the services of legal professionals, the demand for qualified lawyers also has increased. The government of Pakistan has taken initiatives to provide all the legally qualified individuals with free legal advice. This has resulted in a huge increase in the size of the legal industry in Pakistan.

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