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Are you an attorney who is looking for a private firm in Pakistan to represent you in a case? If so, you must also understand the importance of getting the fees of lawyers in Pakistan handled in a proper manner. The fees of lawyers in Pakistan are governed by the Lawyer Fees & Charges Regulation Act 1970. That is why the government has made it mandatory for all legal firms to abide by this Act. So, when your lawyer provides you with legal advice or service, he is expected to charge fees according to the following schedule:

General Charges: Lawyers in Pakistan charge their clients on a general basis. This means that they are not required to ask for any specific type of payment. General charges include everything from court fees, investigation charges, file charges, cost of inquiry etc. You can ask your lawyer to estimate the fees of each procedure or step you require. If you want to know the approximate costs of proceedings in a particular case, you can ask him for a quote.

Attorney Fees: Attorneys in Pakistan generally charge fees based on the extent of his services. For instance, if a legal firm charges an hourly rate, his client will be charged accordingly. The fees also depend on the nature of the legal proceeding. There are various types of proceedings and they include:

Extra Costs: Some legal procedures may have additional charges. These include photocopying charges, transcription charges and even charges for the use of facilities like fax machines. You should request your lawyer to determine the total costs of each procedure before proceeding with it. In fact, the charges of each proceeding differ from case to case. For instance, you might be asked to pay for certain documents even after the case is over. Other charges include mileage charges, facilitator fees etc.

Retainer Fees: Most Pakistani lawyers agree that a retainer is an obligatory fee. It is generally charged as a percentage of the overall compensation received. However, it does not always have to be paid. In some cases, the compensation amount might be high enough so that the fees cannot be borne by the client.

Advice: Sometimes, the lawyer needs to take his advice from other professionals. For example, if the case involves a transfer of a patient case to a hospital, it is advised that the lawyer must get a medical opinion from the doctor concerned. In such a case, fees can also be requested for giving legal advice to the client.

Other charges: Lawyers in Pakistan can also request for other charges relating to legal services. These include any other administrative fees, special fees for advertisements or promotional activities, stamp duty, and even charges for travelling to Pakistan and back. However, these fees are normally paid only after winning the case. Some lawyers may also charge a fixed fee for a particular project only. The payment is done only when the case is successfully resolved.

A lawyer working in Islamabad has different types of fees according to his convenience. However, the fees of lawyers in Islamabad can be compared before getting a legal service. Comparing charges of various legal professionals can help you in finding the most affordable fees. You can easily search the internet to find affordable fees of lawyers in Pakistan. The charges of getting a legal service in Pakistan vary from one legal professional to another. It is therefore, important to do some research before selecting a lawyer.

However, there are some points that you should consider while comparing the fees of various legal professionals. The fee of each lawyer will be directly related to his/her experience, reputation, expertise, and the type of services provided. An experienced lawyer will naturally charge higher fees than a lawyer with limited experience. Hence, it is important to select a lawyer who has a good reputation, expertise, and reasonable fees. In order to find an affordable fee, you can also consult the Bar Association of Pakistan or the Law Commission of Pakistan.

Once you have chosen a lawyer, you need to pay him/her the fees as agreed upon. However, before getting fees of lawyers in Pakistan, it is advisable to check whether the fees of such a lawyer fits your budget. This is because the fees of a lawyer depend on various factors including the location of the law office and the nature of the case. For instance, if the case involves any political or corporate act, or any legal issues which concern the constitution and privileges of citizens, then the fees will be higher. Therefore, it is important to assess the case type thoroughly before making any decision.

Besides, the fee of a lawyer also includes the cost involved for preparing the case for trial. If you want to avoid paying for legal fees, then you can always consider hiring a free consultation from a lawyer. The first thing that you have to do is to fill up an application form with details about your case. Then, you will be asked to meet the lawyer face to face. By meeting the lawyer face to face, you can clarify your doubts and you can ask questions confidently.

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