The Importance of Lawyer Meaning on Urdu

Lawyer meaning in Urdu cannot be understood by a common man. It is highly significant in every Urdu sentence. Every word has a legal meaning in Pakistan. The sentence may vary depending upon the context. This makes it very important for a person to know lawyer meaning in Urdu before he decides to approach a Urdu lawyer for help.

There are many words starting with “k” in Urdu, which cannot be translated. These are the words like Karam, Kaykum, Karimal, Karoon, Haqba, Haqqani, and Bilbar. These have their specific legal usage and are not applicable in any other case. If you get confused by these start looking up for an Urdu lawyer who can help you out.

“K” means judge. It is used to indicate someone who is a judge in an Islamic court. In some other cases it can indicate someone who is an executioner. It can also mean a tribal chief or a governor.

“Haqqani” means a death sentence. It usually appears on the charge of murder. ” Kardam” means robbery. “pakka” means highway, footpath or trail.

“Haqq” is not a part of the vocabulary of most people. Only a few legal professionals know what “haqq” means. But, “Haqba” is the common way of referring to execution. People put the words together to express the reality of death row. This is why some Urdu phrases have “die-in” instead of” Execution”. Therefore, to know lawyer term “Haqqani” or” executions” is important for legal professional.

“Kahara” means a contract or agreement. A contract might be written in “Kharaj” which basically means the legal agreement. In this case, it can suggest a legal advice as well.

“Panj” means money or salary. This word is usually used for salary or wage. The person who receives this salary is called the panj. A panj is the salary that is agreed upon between a worker and an employer. “Panj” is also the word used to define a bank’s capital.

The final word is “Qadha” which means taxes or tribute. This word is generally used as a penalty for non-payment of taxes. Therefore, a person who has failed to pay the tax may be summoned to appear in a tax court. A Qadha lawyer will defend a person in a tax case.

“Qasida” means worship or prayer. This word is generally used for Islam. A Muslim cannot be asked not to worship or pray. “Qasida” is a worship or prayer of the Muslim religion.

Another word that often appears in a lawsuit is “Qaf”. This stands for “qafiya”, which is obligatory. “Qaf” means obedience. In order to be qualified as a Qafi, a Muslim must strictly follow the rules of the religion.

“Maqbara” means loyalty or fidelity. This word literally means loyalty. This word is related to a person’s word or oath. It is considered an unacceptable situation to talk or discuss matters that are bound by faith.

“Karachi” means a city or a town. The word is from a place in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asia. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the third largest city in India. It is also the biggest port in India and ranks sixth in world exports.

The word “Shaitani” literally means “a guard”. These guards are appointed to keep outsiders, such as the lawyers and businessmen out of certain areas. This word generally refers to people who counsel the court. A Shaitani has to have knowledge of all the laws. They defend their clients against criminal charges.

“Nusrat” means “a mother”. This word is used to refer to elders or mothers in general. These people have to be respected. This word does not mean a female person. It is used to describe anyone who is related to the elders in a tribe.

Lawyers in Urdu should also be well versed with the different legal aspects of the law. Law is such a broad subject that it covers many things. It is not limited to only one area. There are different types of crimes, and different rules for each of these different types of crimes. Therefore, a lawyer should always be up-to-date about the laws that apply in any particular case.

A lawyer also needs to have good communication skills. This is very important. Sometimes he or she will represent two or more parties at one time. He or she should be able to understand all the different faces of the law. So, if you want a lawyer, learn the word “Lawyer” in Urdu.

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