The Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate

The difference between Lawyer and Advocate is pretty self explanatory. However, the difference between Lawyer in DHA Karachi could not be much clearer. The key to distinguishing this difference lies in realizing the common meaning of the word Lawyer through its generic definition. Let’s take a closer examination.

Legal dictionaries typically define the word Lawyer as someone who is qualified and learned in legal matters and is licensed to practice his/ her profession. In Pakistan, a Lawyer is a legal expert, whose professional responsibilities include the study of law, drafting legal documents, drafting rules for practice, conducting client interviews, preparing cases, defending clients from legal suits, and advising clients and others on legal issues. A barrister, on the other hand, is a legal professional who practices only in the court and does not deal with any other issues pertaining to the province.

The question that arises on the difference between a lawyer and advocate is what sort of work does a Lawyer do. The answer to this question is pretty simple. A lawyer is a man who stands up in the court of law and represents a client before the judge and jury. An advocate is the soul of the legal profession, who works on the client’s behalf before the court and provides all the assistance that the client needs in order to win the case. Both these professionals are considered experts in their respective fields of specialization.

So, now we come to the other differences between lawyer and advocate. There are actually many differences, but the two mentioned above are the most significant. These are what people usually call the big differences. Let us see what some of these are.

In fact, when you hear the word “advocacy”, you might have a certain image in your mind of someone who stands up in court arguing with the lawyers for the client. And, it is true that there are those people who can truly advocate for their clients like this. But, most of the time, these are not lawyers. What most of the time are lawyers or advocates are people who stand up for something – like for the legal rights of somebody who has been wronged.

Another important difference between a lawyer and an advocate is with regard to the clients’ cases. Lawyers deal with cases that have to do with real world concerns like helping clients get the legal rights they deserve. They may help people who have been accused of crime or misdemeanor by providing advice and representation in court. They may also work to protect their clients’ constitutional rights or to make sure that the clients’ legal suit is carried out lawfully. While lawyers do those types of work as well, they are not the only ones who do those types of work – lawyers only work in the courtrooms where cases like theirs happen.

Legal aid attorneys on the other hand, provide assistance to persons who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. As the name implies, they are lawyers who give legal advice free of charge to clients who are unable to pay their own lawyer for legal services. This can be very helpful for persons who, because of economic or other reasons, are unable to pay the cost of an attorney. It also makes sense for persons who cannot hire their own lawyer but are in need of legal assistance because they don’t know how to approach legal companies for legal assistance – because even though the problem may seem relatively small at first glance, the cost of hiring an attorney can accumulate over time, which is obviously not an affordable option for most people. Finally, while advocates do offer their services for free of charge, advocates are not paid at all – they work free of charge only if the client is able to prove that his situation is such that the lawyer will be able to make a difference with his case, i.e., he will be able to convince the court to let him take advantage of the attorney’s free services in getting him the justice he is entitled to get.

Overall, the difference between a lawyer and advocate can be easily understood if one understands the difference between what they provide and how they get their jobs done. A lawyer represents a client in a court of law. An advocate only represents a client who has hired him to help him with the matters he needs to represent himself in a court of law.

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