Telugu Criminal Lawyer Meaning

There are many reasons as to why the lawyer meaning in Telugu is important. The primary one is that, it is the dialect of the people, which is unique and has its own slang and pronunciation. The people of the state are known for their keen interest in speaking and understanding the dialect and hence, they talk in their own manner, as per the need and requirements. This also reflects in the lawyer’s speech and hence, the lawyer should be sensitive enough to understand and speak in the language of the people, which is Telugu. When a criminal lawyer is called for a case, he/she will need to make the necessary changes in his/her speech and hence, that lawyer must know the Telugu language.

The Telugu criminal lawyers deal with several types of criminal cases. Some of them deal with common crimes like theft, rape, kidnapping, fraud and murder while some of them defend people who have committed criminal damage to others. For instance, if a person has killed somebody through a bullet, then the criminal lawyer in Telugu will make sure that justice is done and that the killer is punished for the crime. The main purpose of the criminal lawyer is to ensure that the client’s rights are protected and that the accused person is not made to suffer for the commission of the crime.

The Telugu lawyer is well aware of the Telugu language used by the witnesses in the criminal trial. The defense lawyer needs to understand how the witnesses speak and interpret the words, in order to defend the client’s case. A criminal defense lawyer is required to understand the rules followed in the court and how to argue on those points of law, so that the criminal does not get acquittal. That’s the reason why, the criminal defense lawyer in Telugu is highly specialized in his field and needs to be well versed and trained.

One of the most important tasks of the defense lawyer is his ability to cross-examine the prosecution witnesses. In fact, the testimony of the witnesses is the prime witness in the court of law. Therefore, a lawyer needs to understand the spoken pronunciation and the differences in meaning of different words in Telugu. He should also be able to understand the cultural nuances and the differences in ritual and social norms in different regions. To successfully conduct a successful defense in the Telugu court, the Telugu with similar and opposite words spoken by the prosecution witnesses plays a critical role.

The lawyer is required to know the right of private defence of the client. The right of private defence refers to the freedom to an individual to express his views on the subject and contest the charges if they find it valid. As per the Indian penal code, each and every citizen are entitled to freedom of speech and expression. Even in a criminal case, the lawyer must ensure that he understands the right of the client and the legal rights protected by the penal code. Only an experienced and skilled Telugu lawyer can help the client to legally defend his case in court.

Punishment has been defined in the Criminal Law of India. Each and every crime have two elements, the action and the mental state of the person or the accused. A criminal case can have one or more elements depending upon the type of crime. As per the Indian penal code, a lawyer is allowed to question the police officers and the prosecutor as regards the penalty for the case.

A lawyer meaning in Telugu may cross-examine the prosecution witnesses and officials. He may ask questions pertaining to the time taken to declare a guilty verdict and the way in which the case was handled. A lawyer is allowed to question the officials on the validity of search warrants, arrest warrants and other evidentiary records. He may cross-examine the identity proof, age proof and savings accounts for the prosecution witness. All these techniques are legal practices laid down by the law.

The role of a lawyer in case of criminal proceedings is to defend the accused. But he is not confined to this alone. A competent lawyer will also prepare the case for the defendant by preparing relevant documents and proofs. Counsel will also advise the client about the course of action to be taken in case the case does not reach a conclusion in favor of the plaintiff. If the lawyer proves to be successful in fighting the case, then it will mean that the client has prevailed in the court of law.

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