Salary of Government Lawyer in Pakistan

In the government sector, salaries of government lawyers are almost similar to those of private law practitioners. This is because government projects and functions are much larger than private firms and therefore require a lot more manpower. Private law practitioners are not employed everywhere. There are government projects only in the Northern areas of Pakistan like Baluchistan and FATA. The salaries of government lawyer in DHA Karachi are slightly higher than other regions of the province.

Law graduates who wish to enter the government sector can apply for a job with the government’s Law Department. Graduates who have worked previously as lawyers in any private firm may apply for a job with the Federal Bar Association (FBA). The qualifications required for such an examination are relatively low. The main exam is written and oral.

It is expected of all lawyers in the government to be very skillful and knowledgeable about the various cases the government is involved in. Being an expert in the local area will help in getting a good job. It is not considered a problem if you have had work experience before. However, having work experience which is relevant to your area of expertise will be very helpful.

Salaries of government lawyers in Karachi are quite high compared to the wages of lawyers working for private companies. They also expect their employees to be punctual and hard-working. If you are a person who enjoys challenges and has a flair for business then this position could be ideal for you. You might have to relocate from another location once you get hired by the government.

There are many different departments that function within the government lawyer profession. The government lawyer may be of great importance in certain cases like immigration, terrorism, and military cases. You might have to spend some years in order to specialize in a particular area of government.

The legal education at any reputed law school in Pakistan ensures quality education. Some of the institutions offer specialization in criminal law. Those who want to become professional lawyers need to obtain a specialization in a particular field of law. This ensures that they understand the legal requirement of the government very well. As a result, it is not very difficult to get a good job with specialized salary after obtaining a degree. It is advisable to go in for an educational course which will enable you to gain knowledge on various topics related to the government.

In addition to the education and specialized training, there are other factors that contribute to your salary as a government’s lawyer. Experience is also a very important factor that plays a very crucial role in the determination of the salary of government’s lawyer in Pakistan. It is advised to begin your career by working as an assistant to a government’s legal practitioner. You will therefore have hands-on experience and will be in a position to know the various procedures involved in the government as well as in private law.

In addition to this, you can also expect to get a good job if you have some specific qualifications. A master’s degree in law is generally required for holding senior positions in a government’s legal department. Besides this, you should also have additional credentials such as a good score in the exams. This will help you in securing a good government’s lawyer job in Pakistan.

Although the government’s lawyers earn a lot of salary, some private barristers also perform a similar job. The salary of public and private attorneys does not include the fee charged by these barristers. The fees of the government’s lawyers are fixed and are not dependent on the expertise of the attorney. Private barristers charge their clients according to the nature of the case.

If you have the ability to present your arguments in front of the court with conviction, then you can expect to earn a high salary as well as respect. In addition to this, you should be a research analyst who can present convincing arguments in the court of law. The government’s lawyer in Pakistan has many advantages to offer. There are a lot of favorable opportunities for the government’s lawyers such as regular pay, holiday leaves, medical benefits, free housing and much more.

In case you want to join the government’s lawyers but are waiting to get trained in the field, you should know certain tips that can help you make a good start. You must always be patient as the process may take a long time. In fact it may take up to 5 years for an attorney to become an active member of the Bar Association of Pakistan. In the meantime, you can continue your studies and learn as much as you can in order to increase your knowledge and skills regarding the legal issues faced by the government.

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