Rogue Lawyer Quotes and How They Derail Justice

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Many times criminals are hanged in jail because they were charged with petty crimes. It is often very difficult to find out who exactly is to be blamed for such crime. Sometimes guilty people are also hanged in jail and many times hundreds of innocent people are also executed in the place of such criminals. In such circumstances it is very important to have good Lawyer’s Company that provides efficient services to their clients. Many times the families of the victims of such criminals are often left disturbed and grief stricken because of the murder and the revenge killing.

In a report by New York Times;” executions across the world’s prisons are rising sharply, with executions surpassing deaths in Pakistan’s prison system in recent years. Nearly two-thirds of the prisoners killed in Pakistan in the last five years have been convicted of crimes,” the report continued. “About one million people, most of whom are young males, are imprisoned in Pakistani prisons. Most are held incommunicable (without trial) and many face the death penalty.” It is obvious that whenever tough laws are implemented, innocent people get the hammer, and the criminal justice system in the United States is somehow supposed to be the grand inquisitor of the free world. Apparently the U.S. State Department believes that the criminals should suffer more, apparently the government has no concern about the thousands of unintended victims of these harsh real estate tycoons.

Now then, after all is said and done, those who are really intent on hurting the United States of America, or our citizenry, or the free world as we know it, ought to think about what they’re actually doing. Are they working on ways to create jobs? Do they care about the plight of the poor people of the world?

Are they working on ways to protect American lives overseas? Did the lawyers who specialize in the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act do their job to protect American citizens from harm when they were abroad? Are they working hard to protect the free world from the malicious desires and goals of International Terrorists? Is the U.S. State Department somehow supposed to be some kind of Peace Officer charged with protecting the free world from alleged International Terrorists who apparently has no love of America or the free world.

In short, are the American people being fair trials by these prosecutors? Often they are not. Often they are being very difficult trials. Often the government’s own rogue prosecutors find themselves with reasonable doubt, which means the defendants have shown guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which means the defendants can not be convicted. Often the government finds itself with huge mountains of evidence against an otherwise innocent person.

Yet all this is happening in our nation’s greatest city. We have cities with sophisticated prosecution teams that specialize in finding these rogue lawyer quotes, but we have also found ourselves with the government arresting many honest cops for crimes they did not commit. This is a huge Catch 22. If the government cannot prove their crimes beyond a reasonable doubt, how can we have reasonable doubt?

What a sad state of affairs. It makes me wonder if there is anyone on earth who believes that the criminal defense attorney, a professional who practices within the guidelines of the law, is fair. Not only do I question their ability to perform their duties ethically and legally, but it makes me question their very profession. Some say that they are not lawyers, but should not be allowed to practice law because they are not following the rules, while other people argue that they are our legal representatives and therefore must follow our laws.

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