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A question often asked by Bengalis is “what does a lawyer mean to a Bengali?” To answer this query, we need to have a brief look at the profession of lawyer in DHA Karachi. A lawyer is an attorney who practices law and takes up cases. This profession is practiced mostly in developed countries. A lawyer also helps his client in analysing and solving his case.

In Pakistan, like in any other country, lawyers are required to get a license from the Bar Association of Pakistan. They are expected to pass written and multiple choice examinations. Licensing is granted by the provincial government and sometimes by the federal government as well. The procedure to get a license as a lawyer in DHA is very simple and straightforward. It normally takes about 6 months to complete the entire process.

Unlike the earlier days, nowadays there are many more lawyers practicing in Pakistan. There has been a tremendous growth in the profession in the last two decades. Moreover, the Bar Association of Pakistan has taken important steps to ensure that the lawyers are better qualified than earlier times. The Bar Association has certified almost all the lawyers in Pakistan.

In terms of salary, a lawyer in DHA Karachi can earn a lot depending upon his expertise and qualifications. Most of the good lawyers earn around thousand dollars per month. But some of them even earn six-figure salaries. Some of them even earn more. The qualifications of a lawyer meaning to Bengali vary from one state to another.

A lawyer practicing in DHA Karachi can be selected from a list of lawyers working in that particular state. Referrals are very important in this case. When you want to find a lawyer, make a few calls to various lawyers practicing in that particular state. You can even collect brochures of practicing lawyers from your local bar association. This helps in choosing the right lawyer.

Once you get a list of lawyers, call each of them and ask about their specialization. It is important to know the specialization of a lawyer before appointing him. You should ask the lawyers about the specific laws governing the state where he practices. Apart from the laws, you should also find out about the fees that they charge for the services they render.

Once you have a list of lawyers, visit the state bar association and collect information about the lawyers. After going through the list, you will be able to shortlist four to six lawyers suitable for the position. You should then meet with the lawyers and personally evaluate their personalities. The personality of a lawyer is very important, since a lawyer can guide you in many legal issues. A lawyer practicing in a particular state will be practicing in a different state than his client. If you want to appoint a lawyer for a particular state, you should ask the lawyer whether he practices in that state or not.

Once you are clear about the specialization of the lawyer, discuss fees with him. It is important that you get your lawyer’s fee in the written agreement. The fee should be paid on the first appointment. In case the lawyer does not offer you any discount on the fees, you should consider another lawyer practicing in the same state.

Another factor that you must consider is the competence of the lawyer. To get the best possible service from a lawyer, you should select a lawyer with at least five years of experience in handling state bar matters. You should also make sure that your lawyer has the necessary licenses and certifications. The state bar association will help you in checking all these facts.

There is another thing you need to check while selecting a lawyer. The state bar association will provide you a list of lawyers practicing in the state. You should then visit the attorney’s office personally. You should listen to the lawyer talk about various legal matters and check whether he understands your problems and worries about them. The lawyer should be able to explain things clearly and he should be able to relate them to real life situations.

Last but not the least; do not rush to get your case resolved. You should talk to the lawyer for getting more details about the case. A good lawyer always keeps his clients relaxed and makes them feel comfortable. If you can keep yourself calm and collected, you will be able to get the best services from your lawyer.

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