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A quack lawyer is a lawyer who practices law without holding a license of any kind. In the name of providing legal services, he submits himself for a number of examinations and passes only if he gets a certificate from one of these recognized authorities. But these certificates are worthless; they are not recognized by the government. They are also known as diploma mills. Quack lawyers are rampant in Pakistan’s large cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and Rawalakot.

To understand quack lawyer, one should know what it means by quackery. Quackery is ‘a practice whose practitioners are those persons who do not hold the legitimate authority of law.’ Quackery is an illegal practice and is therefore punished by law. In Pakistan, there are many quacks who ‘practice’ medicine. This practice is called Ayurveda.

As it is already said, a quack lawyer does not practice law, but he does quack medicine. Many quacks have also made their own literature called quack journals. The aim of these journals is to spread quack philosophy. This is against the law. According to the General Medical Council of Pakistan, the journals that advocate quack medicine are illegal and are publishing them for monetary gain.

In Pakistan, quacks control a large industry. Some quacks produce drugs which are actually counterfeit. Other quacks use conventional medicines and pass them off as the new quack medications. Most of the physicians fall for this trick and treat patients with counterfeit medicine.

To counter the quackery in Pakistan, strict legislation is framed. Although these laws are effective, they are not sufficient to curb quacks. Since quacks are getting smarter by the day, they have started inventing machines that do the work of physicians. These machines are then sold to quacks. Thus, we have the quack lawyer meaning “the quack who lawyers.”

Another quack lawyer in Pakistan is Firdaus. Firdaus was a famous surgeon. He was well educated and trained in Europe. But he took this profession upon leaving his country. He opened a clinic in Karachi and specialized in cardiology.

Quacks also counterfeit other medicine and sell them as the new quack medication. Iqbal, a famous medicine of Pakistan, has been the victim of such quackery. After his death, his family asked for a return of his property and asked for an investigation into his death. His killers later confessed that they killed him because of his knowledge about Iqbal and other medicines. The profession of a quack lawyer is also closely associated with medicine and scientists have warned the public about quacks who produce fraudulent medicines and services.

To summarize, a quack lawyer is one who practices law without a license. This type of lawyer is notorious because he represents criminals who are out to get money from innocent people. He is not only mean spirited but also daring and uses unscrupulous methods in practicing his profession. If you know someone who has a quack lawyer meaning, make it a point to educate him or her about the meaning of the profession so that the quack does not take advantage of the innocent people.

In our times, the word “quack” has lost its legal meaning. There are so many new medicines which have been introduced in the market and they are gaining popularity because of their wonderful effects and long term benefits. Many quacks, who have once practiced medicine, have turned to science and become experts in it. Thus, making them quack lawyers.

Some doctors do not recommend new medicine. They think that the patients will not react positively to it. This means that the medicine will not benefit them at all. This is why, they prefer to use the traditional medicine instead of quack medicine which is rarely approved by medical practitioners and is often found to be ineffective. Thus, it is safe to assume that the public is against quack lawyers as well.

Thus, the meaning of a quack lawyer becomes irrelevant in our times. The quack lawyers just try to earn money by offering useless treatments for real diseases. If there was really a scientific way to cure cancer, there would not be so many people in the hospital waiting for a cure, would there?

Therefore, the quack lawyer meaning has faded away in our times. What remains is just an expression, an exaggeration and a myth. There is no need for such person to practice medicine because the medical industry is already taking care of everything. Those who practice quack medicine may make some money by offering useless remedies but the public is against this kind of quack lawyer. Therefore, we should all be aware of such quack lawyers and stop them from defaming the medical system and hurting innocent people.

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