Popular Law Degrees That a Lawyer Can Earn

A lawyer degree is an educational degree conferred on those interested in law. These degrees are usually preparation for aspiring legal careers. However, they don’t confer a legal license themselves, unless exercised locally by a legal authority. A legal license is typically awarded by examination and practiced within the jurisdiction where the license was obtained.

Law degree students need to pass both a bar examination and the corresponding state Bar Exam. Before a person can apply for admission into a law school, he/she needs to successfully complete the required courses. Law school curriculum in most of the reputed law schools of Pakistan is laid out prior to entrance. A student needs to complete a course in Law before he/she can enter Law School.

Bar Examination is conducted at the end of Law School for aspirants who otherwise cannot join a Law Firm. This examination is quite rigorous and goes through a rigorous curriculum. The Bar Examination is the first step in a person’s career as a practicing lawyer, and Lawyer degree proves a person’s eligibility for this position. There are many other professional levels, and these include but are not limited to, barrister, solicitor, member of the legal counsel, judge, senior associate, and junior associate.

In order to become a practicing lawyer, a person needs to pass the bar exam. Bar Examination is a nationwide standardized exam conducted by the Bar Association and is usually conducted from January to May every year. Students, who pass the bar exam, need to sit for a test that assesses general knowledge and precedents in the various fields of practice. After passing the bar examination, a candidate can look forward to take up an independent practice in law, which will enable him/her to practice law in their area of expertise.

Lawyer degree, being an undergraduate degree, does not give license to practice law, as is the case with some specialized areas. Juris doctor, Bar exam and other related academic degree does not give license to practice law in certain states. A person may get the license to practice law in his state by taking the bar examination for the state in which he intends to practice law. After passing the bar examination for the particular state, the applicant then needs to get the opinion of the state’s lawyer regulatory board. Then only he can proceed to take up practice law in that particular state. Once a lawyer gets the license of practice in a particular state, it is his responsibility to maintain that state’s laws.

Attending Law School is the beginning of one’s career as a lawyer. Many lawyers go on to practice independently after they pass the bar exam for the state where they are going to practice law in. For many lawyers, this is considered to be the beginning of their careers, because during the first few years of practicing law, most do not take up cases that require a lot of experience. They prefer to work on special cases, which requires them to have more work experience than other cases. As such most lawyers prefer to attend law schools that offer 2-year programs or longer.

There are law schools in the United States that offer bachelor degree programs in Law. Some of the popular bachelor degree programs in law are Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL), Bachelor of Arts in Law (BAEL) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Law (BBA). Online programs are also available for those who wish to go for a business degree while they go into the field of law.

The Juris Doctor program is one of the most prestigious ones in all of the law degrees in the United States. This program is the graduate degree from any of the law schools in the United States. This degree requires that a student must pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) within a particular time frame, and he/she must also earn a passing score on the matriculation exam. Many students opt to pursue extra education after their Juris Doctor degree because it gives them an opportunity to specialize in a particular area of the law.

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