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There is no denying the fact that prominent lawyers of Pakistan have become very popular. The government of Pakistan has also made efforts to promote and support them. They believe in the concept of a lawyer is man’s friend that considers him a part of the society. So, without any hesitation the government of Pakistan is ready to provide consular access. In this article, we will be reviewing the consular access for lawyers of Pakistan.

Many people who were deprived from their right to communicate with their lawyers due to the inability to get a visa needed to approach a high court for review petition. It was in 1998 when the government of Pakistan established the FPRC. This is the first of its kind and is very successful. However, it did not make every lawyer eligible to apply for consular access. In order to apply for consular access to Pakistan, one needs to be registered with the private law firm.

Once the lawyers are registered, they can approach the private law firms and request for their services. These firms then assign a private attorney for each case. These private attorneys work on a per case basis and hence work independently. Private law firms in Pakistan are widely recognized by the legal professionals all over the country. Many renowned lawyers of Pakistan have taken help from these law firms and therefore it is widely accepted.

Many times, it becomes impossible for an applicant to reach the court for reviewing petition by getting proper legal assistance. Hence, another effective way of availing consular access to Pakistan is by taking help from a Pakistani lawyer. Many times a client may not be able to obtain timely consular access due to financial constraints. In such occasions, the private lawyer of a client contacts the concerned authorities and requests for the same. The concerned authorities will then review the request and provide the necessary details.

Once a request for review petition is submitted, the concerned authorities will carry out the entire process very efficiently. Pakistan government takes all the necessary steps to review the case. The review process includes obtaining vital information from applicants like address and contact details of their relatives abroad. Information like past and current country of residence is also considered. Once the review is complete, a Pakistani lawyer will again take up the case and fight on behalf of the applicant.

A famous private lawyer of Pakistan is a heavy weight in the society of Pakistan. The lawyer of this caliber has been handling several sensitive issues of various individuals. He has also represented people of all walks of life including the government, private individuals and private parties. As such, there is no doubt that than malhotra is a prominent lawyer of Pakistan.

Another prominent personality from Pakistan is Musharaf Askari. He is a justice of the supreme court bar association and has been practicing in this field for the last twenty years. He has also tried cases of blasphemy and terrorism. He is a member of various legal associations.

Recently, prominent lawyers of Pakistan have been talking about the state of human rights in Pakistan. According to them, freedom of speech and expression is being challenged daily by elements of the public. They have also raised complaints against representatives of the Rawal Tanzanian government, MQM, and Gulbarga incidents. Human rights advocates have also filed petitions against the blasphemy laws of Pakistan with the supreme court. There have been many instances of torture and murder of minorities in Pakistan.

It is very difficult to find prominent lawyers of Pakistan. Many law firms have been set up in the country, but most of them are associated with international law firms. Most of these firms recruit foreign lawyers on behalf of the Pakistan government. Some of the well-known law firms in Pakistan are Acacia International, Collier & Finch, Knight and Ball, Skiptu and Siddharthi, etc.

Many young lawyers are venturing into the field of practices dealing with criminal cases. There is a burgeoning Pakistani lawyer market as a result of the growing complexities faced by the legal professionals. Recently, the law ministry drafted a code for lawyers. This code includes a code of conduct for the lawyers. It also requires lawyers to be registered with the high court.

A Jahangir is a person who is not a lawyer. Yet he has specialized knowledge of various criminal laws and human rights. An ordinary human rights lawyer may not have sufficient knowledge of a specific case so he can seek the help of a Jahangir. When a person is charged with a crime, he can consult a Jahangir who will help him with the preparations for the trial.

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