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Law is one of the highly respected professions in Pakistan, and lawyer’s salary is no exception. A legal professional specializing in a particular field of law will earn a handsome salary as the demand for his or her services is high. In addition to this, government and private sector jobs are also in high demand. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you look for jobs and study in top Law Schools in Pakistan.

Law is a highly respectable career option in Pakistan, but there are various factors which influence the salary of a legal professional. In fact, the level of education is one of the most significant determinants of salary. Law graduates with a bachelor degree or higher receive higher salaries than those with a degree less than bachelor degree. Also, government and private sector jobs are more highly regarded than posts in specialized legal organizations.

In spite of the importance of qualifications and experience, lawyers salary in Pakistan is largely dependent on location, experience, and personal interest. The best law schools in the country are renowned for their quality of education and training. These institutions impart not only the standard legal education but also pursue courses that prepare students for working in different fields of legal practice. Some of the famous Law Schools in Pakistan include Islamabad University Law School, King Abdulazigah Islamic University School of Law, JEM Legal School, Tahreek Trust Law School and Bacha Shahid Institute of Legal Education and Research (BSL).

However, the competition for jobs can be tough as there are many law firms in Pakistan offering lucrative salaries. Salaries offered by top-notch law firms are generally above $300 per month. As compared to other countries, salaries in Pakistan of course are lower. However, the main reason behind the low compensation of Pakistani lawyers is lack of job openings in the country. In addition, the lack of legal graduates in the country has also put extra burden on the compensation pool.

Though the government has taken several initiatives to help law professionals, they have failed to attract sufficient manpower. There are numerous private sector-based companies in Pakistan that offer lawyers salary. Though some of these companies offer a lucrative compensation, the number of employees is far fewer when compared to big players in the industry.

There are numerous reasons why compensation of lawyers is much less in Pakistan compared to others countries. First, compensation is normally lower in the federal system compared to the local sector. Moreover, a professional is likely to receive higher compensation in case of serious malpractice. Private law firms however, do not employ any of these criteria, hence, lawyers receive lesser compensation than their counterparts in the UK or the US.

Salaries of lawyers in Pakistan are expected to keep pace with advancements in technology. Therefore, the educational qualifications of the applicant will play an important role in securing a better lawyer salary. The legal professionals in Pakistan have been able to compete with others in terms of education, as several of the institutes of repute are located in cities like Islamabad and Lahore. However, people who aspire to serve as an attorney should be very keen about their education. An associate degree from an acclaimed law school can be helpful.

Apart from competitive wages, another reason behind lawyers salary in Pakistan to be low is the long working hours. Lawyer jobs require a lot of traveling around for client consultation sessions and court hearings. Many of the legal professionals opt for online legal services because of the convenience and affordability of such programs. Moreover, there is comparatively less pressure of maintaining client confidentiality. In addition to this, the fact that Pakistan is one of the least developed countries in the world, further hinders salary inflation.

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