Lawyer’s Movement in Pakistan

After the recent elections, the lawyers in Pakistan have gained a lot of grounds and are now demanding for their due share in the cabinet and other key posts. They feel that with the introduction of emergency rule, the government is ready to bend to the will of the bar association and other legal experts. The prime minister has already made a promise to form a consultative assembly which is to consist of top officials from different ministries and agencies of the government and is headed by the prime minister. Once the consultative assembly is formed, the prime minister can expect the lawyers to push for some changes in the constitution and other legal provisions of the country.

Although, the bar association and other legal experts have been dealing with the prime minister for quite some time now, they are still holding strong to their demand of accountability and transparency in government. They believe that the emergency rule should be imposed on all the laws including the constitution, which was passed by the people through a referendum. The Bar Council has also demanded that the government provides transparent information about the cases that have been filed against those who have lost their liberty due to the emergency rule. They also demanded for an independent investigation into all the cases that were subjected to emergency.

Most of the lawyers in Pakistan want the government to take responsibility over the whole situation and take the measures required for the speedy rehabilitation of the victims of the blast and clearing all the hurdles in the functioning of the justice system. They have also demanded for an independent investigation into all the crimes, scams and graft that have happened within the Pakistan government and within the borders. They feel that the prime minister and his cabinet cannot afford to ignore the fact that the justice system in Pakistan has become corrupt. In order to bring the system back to its right path, it is imperative for the prime minister to appoint senior justice of the court who will take charge of rebuilding the system.

Furthermore, a group of lawyers have demanded for appointment of a superintendency to the supreme court so that the decisions regarding the constitution, laws, terrorism and all the key issues regarding the constitution can be reviewed by the Supreme Court only. The supreme court is dominated by the Pakistan people and their party, the Pakistan People’s Party or PPP. Moreover, the chief justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice M.C Kohler, is also an associate of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

The chief justice of Pakistan has also become the president of the Punjab and is the second most powerful person in the province. He is the head of the armed forces and is responsible for all the security policy and plans. The head of the Punjab police is a post held by the head of the S corps and is a high ranking official. The chief election commissioner of Pakistan is Mr. Chaudhry Solanki. He is an attorney and has been a member of the provincial and national parlia committees. Chaudhry Solanki is closely allied with MQM, the party of Nawaz Sharif, and is also closely allied with Atibyani.

The chief justice of Pakistan has also taken charge of the public prosecution services of the country. His main role is to discharge the sentences of the convicted individuals and prevent them from being put to death or to take them to jail. The chief justice of Pakistan has also taken charge of the rehabilitation of victims of crimes and has ordered the implementation of all the projects undertaken by the public prosecution service.

Recently, the lawyer Benazir Bhutto failed in her attempt to form a new party for the government. She was defeated by Moulana Safeen Qadri, the MQM leader. The lawyers movement in Pakistan has been on the increase since the turn of the millennium and especially after the elections that took place in 2010. This was the biggest increase in the number of lawyers in the country in decades. Since then, the number of lawyers has been increasing steadily.

There are many lawyers who are either engaged in political activism or are trying to make a difference in the lives of others. They are making sure that the laws of the country are followed and the political situation is not corrupted. If you are a lawyer who wants to see his name on a list of lawyers who fought for the rights of the common people and who helped them obtain their legal rights, then now is the time to get involved. If the government approves, you can join the lawyers movement in Pakistan and see for yourself how far it goes.

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