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There are more lawyers in Pakistan now than there have been in decades. This has to do with the growing complexities of the corporate sector in Pakistan. Corporate sector reform has led to the merging and the division of entities like Tractor, Energy, Banks and other industrial enterprises. Now there are hundreds of private law firms. Some of these law associates are associated with multinational corporations.

Employment has become increasingly important for lawyers. They find employment either in the corporate sector or in government. Recently there has been a booming of business in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi. The major business establishments in and around the city house scores of corporate houses. Law graduates looking to establish their credentials in this field flock to Karachi.

Law employment in Karachi often involves a compromise between two opposing poles. Corporate sector employment offers a limited number of openings; while jobs in criminal defense are in surplus. As there is a huge demand for criminal defense lawyers in Pakistan and also a limited supply, firms that cater to both types of clients find a middle ground. Many of these firms even provide cost-effective employment for lawyers.

There are many issues that face corporate clients in Pakistan and corporate lawyers need to take up these issues separately to formulate detailed strategies. However, serving lawyers in Mr. Islamabad and Lahore provides a unique opportunity to participate in shaping the contours of a country’s legal system. Here they have an opportunity to follow the developing trends in the country, develop important relationships with officials in various other provinces and abroad and have an opportunity to shape the laws that shape their client’s future.

The major cities of Pakistan such as Mr. Islamabad, Lahore, Charsadda, Rawal, Quetta, Dera Baba, Azad Kashmir, Hyderabad, Gulbarga and others, offer a diverse choice of lawyers to serve corporate clients. Corporate attorneys in addition to criminal lawyers can select from specialized fields such as commercial law, corporate business, Islamic law, family law, labor law, labour management, human rights, land & property, family-related issues, terrorism, black-money, online crime, women & children’s rights, human resources, corporate finance, corporate law, intellectual property, corporate law, mergers/buyouts, government policies, trade policy, telecommunications etc. The region’s wealth of experience at defending commercial and financial institutions from terrorist attack makes it a prime location for corporate attorneys.

Law firms in Pakistan offer competitive packages to attract high quality manpower. They use a mixed workforce consisting of experienced professionals and fresh graduates. In this scenario, they can handle a large volume of cases with great efficiency. The large size of some of the renowned law firms in Pakistan such as Khan Buttah, Chishtsova, etc., enables them to provide personalized service. Clients can expect personalized services such as individual attention, free consultation, strict deadlines, time periodical appraisal and much more.

The legal professionals working for such reputed law firms in Pakistan are prepared to work with a team of expert corporate attorneys, investigators and experienced criminal defense attorney. These professionals will conduct a thorough investigation on any case presented to them. Corporate criminals will be brought to justice through effective investigation, legal arguments and convincing courtroom performances by their lawyers. High quality court performances by such criminal defendants in the form of overwhelming evidence and convincing witnesses often lead to convictions.

With the growth of professionalism in the legal community in Pakistan, the number of lawyers has also increased significantly. The government too is taking necessary steps to improve the standard of attorney’s services. It has taken vital steps to establish Bar Associations, which set guidelines for the quality of service provided by lawyers in different areas. These associations are beneficial for the public, as they help maintain a level playing field between the bar associations and the corporate community.

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