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A Lawyers Forum is an organisation that supports the legal fraternity of Pakistan. It is a network of legal professionals, lawyers, members and supporters. The first Lawyer’s Forum was established in Karachi in 1979. Since then, there is many Lawyer Firms in different cities of Pakistan functioning through this Forum. These are some of the important centres of support for all those people who have been working in the legal field and need some support.

The lawyers in this network work to bring about development in the field of service delivery, accountability and professionalism among the lawyers and other legal professionals. As a member of the forum, a person will be able to interact with different kind of lawyers, experts, members of the Bar. This will help them get acquainted with others working in this field of service delivery and get the updates on the latest case details and progress. Updates can also be sent to a particular location through email or direct mail.

There are various types of cases that the Lawyers’ Forum is ready to take up. One is that of an advocate general Islamabad. An advocate general is a barrister or attorney who can practice on behalf of clients who are charged with various criminal offences in Pakistan like murder, rape, theft, sex crimes, violence against women, drug offences and even traffic offences.

There are many prominent lawyers who have represented clients who have been accused of committing crimes in different parts of the country including Islamabad, Quetta, Karachi, Rawalah, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Islamabad and Rawalah. Some of these include: Syed Ali Zafar, Shareef Al Mekhbi, Shahid Safi ur Rehman, Shah Wali ullah, Ghulam Murtaza, Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Kabir, Safi ur Rehman, Safi ur Ashi, Haji Hanjur Rehman, Muhammad Habibul Haq, Shazahn Padamsee, Azhar Hussain and others. These lawyers are associated with some or most of the famous law firms and they all work at the prominent law firms in Pakistan. They have all passed the bar exams for practicing in Pakistan. The advocates general Islamabad can handle both civil and criminal cases.

Another type of case that the lawyers can handle in the Islamabad is that of the Syed Ali Zafar, a lawyer from Pakistan’s Advocates General Service (AGS). He was arrested along with other lawyers on charges of involvement in the murder of an opposition politician. Mr. Syed Ali Zafar is a resident of Islamabad. After his arrest, he took refuge at the Advocates General Service (AGS) premises. The lawyers at the AGS were of the opinion that he could not be convicted without evidence and that a Prima facie trial should be held by them.

In another case, that of the former president of Pakistan, General Musharraf, who was accused of abetting terrorism, Mr. Musharraf had the support of all the lawyers at Pakistan’s top legal associations. Most of the lawyers supported Mr. Musharraf and he retained his top slot in the Allama Bhai Phota party. Later, on the retirement of Musharraf, he was replaced by Benazir Bhutto as the head of the party. He retained his seat in the National Assembly election. He was later selected to become the prime minister of Pakistan.

During the first election of Mr. Musharraf, he did not display any inability to understand the needs of the people and therefore he was re-elected by the people. But when he went for the second election and faced opposition from the opposition parties and the candidates, he was sidelined. It was then that the first issue arose between Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto. The former President accused the latter of conspiring against him and removing him as the head of the party. Musharraf then formed his own party and nominated Benazir Bhutto as its leader. It was through the first few months of Musharraf’s rule that his personal problems began to surface.

The bar council did not interfere with Musharraf’s re-election as they felt that his first election as PM was fair. It was after Musharraf’s failure to deliver his corruption-free government that the first big blow came to the government when it was discovered that most of the cabinet and the members of the legal fraternity were either grafting money abroad or were indulging in corrupt practices in the country. Even though Benazir Bhutto was elected for the second time, the power that she wields over the people through her name is not sufficient enough. It is only when the entire country stands accountable to her that she can lead the country and the constitution can be amended.

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