Lawyers And Their Lawyers Salary In Zambia

Lawyers are employed in a number of fields by different law firms around Zambia. The Law Society of Zambia (LSZ) is the sole regulator of the profession within the organization. Attorneys can specialise in a wide variety of practice areas, including criminal, civil, family, corporate and financial law. The Zambian government also regulates the profession. All law firms and solicitors must be registered with the LSZ. Lawyer salary in Zambia is dependent on various factors such as experience, location, family situation and many other factors.

The most important factor determining lawyer salary in Zambia is the experience of the lawyer or attorney. A fresh lawyer entering into a new law firm will not expect to earn a high salary. Experience is the key to success in the profession of law. Experienced lawyers can command good lawyer salary in Zambia.

Location is another important factor affecting lawyer salary in Zambia. The more popular cities in Zambia such as Blantau, Victoria Falls, Lusaka and Livingstone are the most frequented by international clients. Some of the popular Lawyer Offices in Zambia are located in these cities. Law firms can be located in any part of Zambia; however, most of them are based in Lusaka and Victoria Falls. Lawyers who work on a trial basis are paid lower lawyer salaries.

Family situation is another factor that governs lawyer salary in Zambia. A Zambian woman will get higher compensation compared to that of a man with the same age, experience and family. Other factors involved in determining lawyer salary in Zambia include location of practice, number of cases handled and the type of clients represented. For example, a child custody case will demand a higher compensation than a personal injury case.

Different types of lawyers practice in Zambia; some specialize in specific areas of the law such as tax law, corporate and fraud, real estate, family law and environmental law. There are specialized groups within Zambia’s Law Society of Practitioners which consist of lawyers practicing in a particular field of law. Most of these lawyer offices follow the Bar Association of Zambia. Zambian Law Society of Practitioners is governed by a National Bar Association.

Most of Zambia’s indigenous inhabitants are farmers; others are unemployed or belong to small and medium scale businesses. Law is not a profession in most of the rural communities. In fact, only six lawyers out of twenty-two thousand persons are practicing Law in Zambia, according to the latest census. This is according to the Law Society of Practitioners; this indicates that most of the lawyers are not well qualified to practice Law in Zambia.

Law firms have representatives or lawyers who travel all over the country to meet with clients and to conduct open houses and seminars. These activities are conducted to inform people about their legal rights, responsibilities, privileges and immunities. Law firm managers and officers are usually knowledgeable about Zambia’s legal system; however, they rarely handle cases. Most of the time, lawyers and other professionals engage the services of an experienced and skilled legal professional who specializes in personal injury cases. The most important thing is for you to find a lawyer that charges you reasonably; this makes it easier for you to negotiate with your lawyer.

A lawyer may charge different fees depending on the complexity of the case and the location of the law firm. For instance, a local lawyer would charge a low fee for a family law case, whereas an urban lawyer would charge more money for a corporate case. Zambia has numerous reputed law firms including John Davis, Brown Williams and Clapper & Clark. There are also several private law firms that offer lawyer salary in Zambia. Some of these include Bell & Taylor, Wilson Peacock and Sharpes International.

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