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The Lawyer Zoom is an innovative online legal service whereby lawyers in Pakistan’s rural areas can offer their expertise to clients across the nation and also through the world. This is a perfect blend of internet technologies and the law. The Lawyer Zoom was launched by the Law and Justice wing of the Pakistan Bar Association and the government of Pakistan. The concept has been adopted by many Law Firms all over the country.

This type of online service is a complete online solution for all types of lawyers, from any and every discipline. It is very easy to use as there are only two main questions that a client asks his/her lawyer. They are ‘how and who’ to approach a particular case or ‘where to file the case.’ Once you answer the two simple questions, you start your search for a suitable lawyer in Pakistan. This is where the Lawyer Zoom excels.

The main challenge for all legal practitioners across the world is how to keep their cases current and fresh. To do this they must maintain a regular interaction with their case clients. But searching the cases online and sending them over the internet is very time consuming. Plus the client may not be in a mood to discuss the case details further with the lawyer until he or she is completely satisfied. So it becomes necessary to outsource the entire task to Lawyer Zoom. All you need to do is upload the required information and your case gets filed.

Lawyer Zoom offers Lawyer Firms in Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Civilians in Areas Under Control (ACU), Expandable Custody, Missing Children, Female Offenders (FEO) etc. These are just a few of the legal services provided by Lawyer Zoom. There are numerous other services that can be availed by the clients. These services are provided at reasonable prices. Hence Lawyer Zoom is indeed a true winner for all its customers.

To provide legal assistance to individuals and organizations, Lawyer Zoom has developed an advanced computer system which enables clients to search a lawyer firm’s official website from anywhere in the world. All the information on the website can be accessed by simply logging in to any of the Lawyer Zoom’s authorized servers. The system does not require any additional software. The user simply needs to log in to the portal and start searching for the desired legal assistance.

In case there is an organization where you are interested in taking a particular case, but you don’t know who to approach or where to approach Lawyer Zoom can help you find appropriate lawyers. It provides you with an entire list of lawyers belonging to various states. So you have a choice of all the lawyers in your state with whom you can communicate and discuss your case.

For providing its service to its Lawyer Zoom clients, Lawyer Zoom has developed an excellent case tracking system. This system keeps track of each and every step taken by your lawyer throughout the case’s duration. All the details about the case are recorded on this system, along with the lawyer’s discussions with other parties involved, from the initial contact with the opposing party till the date when the case is concluded. The software also enables the client to check the progress of the case on a daily basis.

There are numerous advantages of using Lawyer Zoom as compared to other similar websites available on the internet. First and foremost, this website offers you free access to all the lawyers working in your area. Secondly, this website tracks your lawyer’s success ratio on a regular basis and even recommends successful lawyers for your benefit. Moreover, if you feel that a particular lawyer is not giving you optimum service, you can easily report your case to this website and they will try to rectify their mistake.

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