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Attorney, Mr. Zahir Jaffer of Lawyer Zahir Jaffer & Saus & Consulting has won a case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against his former employers, HAPDC Infrastructure Services Limited and the Board of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of Pakistan. The case was filed by Mr. Zakir Naik, a resident of Karachi. According to the initial order, HUD was ordered to compensate Mr. Zakir for the mental and physical pain and suffering he had undergone due to excessive hours of work. The order was later modified after Mr. Zakir’s representative filed a petition in the Appeals Tribunal of Pakistan. It is interesting to note that the Appeal Court did not order any amount to be paid to Mr. Zakir. The matter was submitted to the Islamabad High Court, but the verdict was cancelled by the court on the basis of lack of evidence.

A well-known lawyer in this area, Mr. Adeel Chowdhry of Adeel Chowdhry and Company (ACCC), has won several compensation awards from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Lower Tribunal of Islamabad. Mr. Adeel Chowdhry represented HAPDC in its attempts to stall the trial of their contractors in a graft case that collapsed during the Ashura ceremony. The Ashura process is a very sensitive one for both the parties. The lawyers of this lawyer firm have successfully won more than half a million pounds as compensation for Ashura.

Another case that this lawyer firm handled was that of Shaukat Bano & Orta of Karachi. This firm was sued by the relatives of Shaukat Bano, who was a prominent terrorist and accused in the blast that killed 22 people in 2021. Mr. Zakir Jaffer of Lawyer Zahir Jaffer & Saus & Consulting won the case for Shaukat Bano’s family. This was a very important case because it was related to compensation for wrongful death.

It was the job of the legal representative of this law firm to provide legal assistance to the witnesses in the case. He was also responsible for making sure that all legal procedures were followed in the case. In this case, the case manager of Lawyer Zahir Jaffer helped the witnesses to give an eye-catching testimony. He made sure that they gave the right statement and this testimony helped the lawyer to win the case. Many other cases that he handled were also settled out of court.

It is obvious that lawyers like this are very important for people who need their services. Such lawyers are available all over the country and can be found on the internet. If you are interested in getting good work done, you must hire a lawyer working for a reputed lawyer firm.

There are a lot of good lawyers out there and Lawyer Zahir Jaffer is one of the best ones. All the other lawyers like him specialize in different types of cases. A person can choose a case that he feels could be settled easily without having to go to court.

A lot of important details have to be attended to before a case can be settled. This is where a lawyer with experience comes in handy. You will have to provide your case details to the case manager. The manager will then take a look at the case and tell you how it should be handled. Once you agree with his plan, the firm will handle everything from there.

If you are planning to hire a lawyer working for Lawyer Zahir Jaffer, you will surely find that he is one of the best in the industry. If you want to hire a lawyer, you can use the internet and locate a suitable lawyer. There are various firms that are providing outstanding case management services. Once you have found a good law firm and hired a lawyer, you will surely get your problem settled.

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