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Lawyer X is the subject of Lawyer 2.0 who has exposed the corrupt practices of the Bar Association and their cronyism in awarding personal injury claims. We are in a time when legal malpractice is on the rise. Lawyer X and his team have exposed the unethical practices of the Bar Associations, where they question the processes followed in awarding compensation to the victims of car accidents. They also exposed the fact that there has been no proper disciplinary action taken against the Bar Associations where they are involved in such unethical practices. The lawyer has exposed the nexus between the Bar Association, corporate interests, and the government officials. He has brought honour to the profession of law by exposing the corrupt practices of the layers.

Lawyer X is the Mem Memo who exposed the inflated fee structure of the Qayers and the way in which the Qayers calculate the cost of a case. Such opaque fee structures are a fundamental problem with the legal profession. No one should be permitted to engage in any financial transaction from clients unless they have full confidence that the transaction is transparent and reasonable. Lawyer X exposed the unethical and improper financial practices prevalent in the Bar.

The Lawyer documentary shows the unethical practices of the layers and the resultant impact it has upon the lawyers themselves. It also exposes the politicians involved, who were happy to rubber stamp Lawyer X’s findings without any criticism. The film Lawyer X provides a devastating blow to the Bar Associations and their attempt to defend their indefensible conduct.

Lawyer X exposed the greed of the Qayers who are only interested in increasing their wealth at the expense of the needy victims of road accidents. The Qayers also exploit the desperation of the victims and pressure them into accepting an amount that is much less than what they deserve. To make matters worse, some Qayers even try to force victims to accept a lump sum payment by threatening to report them to the appropriate authorities if they refuse to take the settlement. Such extreme measures taken by some lawyers is illegal and should be vigorously discouraged.

In order to rectify such unethical practices, the Qayers hired Private Investigators (PI) to undertake the task. The results of the investigation by the PI expose the unethical practices of the Qayers and induce them to modify their ways. The PI exposed the excessive fees charged by the Qayers for their services and prompted them to reduce their fees to a more reasonable level. This reduced fee structure was a step forward in improving the lot of the victims of a road accident. Private Investigators (PI) help the victims get back their lost hope, get justice for their suffering and at the same time help the Qayers retain their business.

Lawyer X documentary exposed the excessive fees charged by lawyers for providing pro Bono services. It also exposed the fact that lawyers are not keen on providing free legal advice to poor people who are drowning in massive debts. The film “conducibacterium” exposed how some lawyers to force the clients to accept a settlement which will be unfavorable to the client and worsen their financial position. The recent film “Paying it Forward” exposed how some lawyers earn extra money by suggesting services to people who are incapable of paying their bills. The film “The Knick Knacks” exposed the unethical practices of some cosmetic surgeons.

The Lawyer X documentary exposed the unethical practices of some lawyers by highlighting the exorbitant fees charged by them for giving legal advice. In many cases the fees charged by the lawyer far exceed the actual costs incurred by the client during the litigation process. Another interesting feature in Lawyer X documentary was the scenes shot inside a courthouse. The camera was caught clicking pictures of abusive behavior of the clerk and the bailiffs. The entire film was shot in great anger and the scenes shown were disturbing.

Lawyer X exposed the unethical practices followed by some lawyers. The film made the important point that when you are paying lawyer fees you cannot be abused. Some people may take it as a sign of weakness to pay your lawyer fees. However it is a misconception that you cannot discuss the case with your lawyer regarding your case. The film portrayed the reality that lawyers need to be more accountable for their actions.

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