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A Lawyer X Books by Jillian Michaels. Underbelly deals with Molly’s game – the real crime mystery that triggered a royal commission and rewritten the history of Melbourne’s notorious underworld war. Now, a bestselling crime novel that draws from real events is brought to you by award-winning author, J.M. Michaels. In this newest adventure, Inspector Molly O’Hara investigates the theft of government money intended for rehabilitation of bad boys.

The story begins at the height of the late 70s. Molly O’Hara, a young woman who grew up in the Australian suburbs, becomes a teenager and becomes involved in local criminal activity. Once she is captured for one of her many arrests, her captors arrange to have her executed via the electric chair. Out of despair, she lets herself be starved to death – in the same room as her captors do. But instead of being killed, she is miraculously revived and, determined not to let this opportunity slip away, undertakes a series of daring escapes and eventual arrests of her own men. Now she is on a relentless search for those responsible for her misery, tracking down a killer known as the Red Jacket.

I enjoyed the way the plot built up to the present, slowly revealing details of the crime. This, I think, is done very cleverly and pulled off quite effectively. There were bits that I found slow to develop, but once everything came together in the end, they were very well drawn and the reader was kept interested. Some of the characters were likeable, and it seemed like a nice change to the somewhat stereotypical female criminals depicted in previous Lawyer X books.

I have read a lot of criticism about the portrayal of women in the past, but I thought that in this book the crime reporters did a pretty good job in putting the case forward. They presented an accurate picture of the brutality of the killing without trying to glamorize or sensationalize it. I felt sympathy for the killers’ wives who had to go through the suffering as the wife of the killer. I felt sympathy for the man suspected of being behind the crime.

The story told in the novel was gritty and realistic. I couldn’t help wondering how some of the events actually happened. But then again, maybe that’s the point. Maybe if things were different – and they were not – this sort of story might not have been possible. This is a story about the difficulties of life under a rock.

One of the major characters in this Lawyer X book is the district attorney, Kim Stafford. I did feel that his motivation to bring the perpetrators to justice was genuine. And he was the most convincing of all the detectives at work. His emotional support to the killers’ widow and the suspects in the case, only reinforced my faith that these men were really motivated to bring justice to their victims. I think that all of the detectives in this book are like that, whether they are detectives or lawyers. They all want to see justice done and feel that they are part of it – but they are human.

The final section of the book, “Before the Fall,” looked at the consequences of what the defendants and the principals did in the face of danger. The case, called the Whitaker affair, involved two young women – one from the West Side of Chicago and one from the South Side. The events in this case brought home the point that if we are going to uphold a free society and ensure freedom and liberty for all citizens, we cannot tolerate the disregard for human life that we sometimes see on the streets of our nation. The women were assaulted, harassed and threatened while walking alone on a dark night. Their attackers knew what they were doing and they were proud of it.

In conclusion, I would say that the book is informative and thought-provoking. It is intended to be both a legal and moral guide. If you are a lawyer, you will learn many new techniques and strategies by reading this book. If you are not a lawyer, but have an interest in being one, then you will probably find this to be of interest to you.

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