Lawyer Uvezian and Lawyers Used For Immediate Fame on Instagram

Lawyer Usha Uvezian is a solo professional lawyer based in Defence housing area of Pakistan. He specialises in personal injury case and has been practicing as a lawyer for quite some time now. He joined Instagram so that he can share information about his legal services and post photos on it. In this article we will discuss why he decided to use Lawyer Usha Uvezian’s name for Instagram posts.

First, Lawyer Uvezian uses Lawyer Uvezian as username for Instagram. According to his Instagram profile, he practices criminal law, immigration, human rights, family life, trial litigation, and labour laws. The username is also used by lawyers residing in Law Firm in Defence housing area of Pakistan.

Another Lawyer from the same law firm is Abid A Shamzade. Like Lawyer Uvezian, Abid is also a solo professional lawyer practicing exclusively in human rights and family life area of law. His official profile states that he is from Defence Colony, Karachi. The name of his firm is Institute of Immigration Services and is currently undergoing expansion phase. Other posts on his Instagram page include; reviewing immigration cases, family life, fighting crime, defending terrorism suspects, providing legal advice to friends and relatives, and defending civil cases.

The other lawyer from the same law firm as we have discussed is Nazim Butt. Like Uvezian he practices criminal law, immigration, and labour laws. Like Lawyer Uvezian, he also uses Lawyer Butt’s name for Instagram. In one of his recent posts, he is using the name Lawyer_Nazim_Butt to display his picture along with his law office address and contact numbers. Some of his posts are; uploading pictures of his dogs, his travels, and enjoying a day at the spa.

Then we come to the fourth lawyer from the same law firm; Mr. Abid Butt. Like Lawyer Uvezian he practices family life and social justice. He is a practising Islamic Lawyer and is described as an objective thinker who is passionate about social justice, development of the individual, and the promotion of social equity. According to his official website; Abid Butt is an internationally acknowledged human rights attorney who has expertise in combating discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, indigenous culture, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation and age. He is a member of the International Association of Lawyer Profession and is an Affiliate of the Islamic Legal Counselling and Research Association.

All these lawyers have followers on Instagram. In some cases their followers on Instagram have even crossed over to become fans of these lawyers. We can conclude that these lawyers have gained a considerable amount of popularity through the social media platform. The fact that a lawyer can gain popularity through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is quite remarkable.

Lawyer Uvezian and Butt are not alone in the big company that has a number of lawyers on Instagram. There are many other attorneys who also have prominent accounts on Instagram. Lawyer Ravi Pandit from Melbourne Law Firm is one of them. It was on one of his Instagram pictures that he was wearing a suit while holding his new client, Mr. Richardagos, who is the CEO of an import/export firm. There are also lawyers who are making use of social media such as their official Instagram names and their links to their official websites. In the picture above we can see that lawyer Ravi Pandit is posing with his newly-awarded client, Mr. Richardagos.

There are also lawyers who have their retweets on Instagram. This means that their followers on this popular social network have seen their posts and liked them. Such lawyers are making use of this method in order to popularize their law firm and make it more visible to prospective clients. In fact, the lawyer’s name becomes quite popular among people because they see his name everyday on Instagram. Hence, lawyers are making use of social media in order to get more followers, which in turn will help them popularize their law firms.

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