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Law School students usually choose a specific profession when it comes to choosing a Lawyer subject. Some will go for expertise in criminal law. Others, however, gravitate towards the more “social” lawyer subjects which include, but are not limited to civil law, corporate law and family law. There are other areas that have increasing numbers of Law Students choosing them as their profession. One of the increasing areas is Public Accountancy.

The need for an Accountant is great in the modern business world. Businesses are always growing and need to keep tabs on their finances and the activities of their directors and executives. They are also tasked to help the government with tax collection efforts.

A Business Accountant is basically concerned with financial matters of a business. The accountants in Pakistan are needed by large business houses like TCC, Quick Heal etc. The TCC alone employs more than one hundred accountant professionals and this is not an underestimate. They are also required to conduct financial reconciliation, prepare the annual financial reports, prepare the yearly financial report and give advice to the company directors.

Civilians working at the public Accountants’ office can also deal with the client directly. The clients will be given legal advice regarding their business affairs. The lawyers have to conduct researches and calculations in order to prove the correctness of their client’s financial statements. Clerical skills are required for this part of a lawyer subjects programme.

Lawyer subjects at a public Law Firm are usually selected based on their educational qualifications and the subjects they have undertaken earlier. Public accountants need to undergo a rigorous standard admission test before being allowed to take up a job. Law firms also select an expert from among the number of candidates who apply for a certain post. Sometimes the firm has to make a shortlisting process based on the initial criteria provided by the candidates. The Lawyer subject at a Law Firm is quite different as compared to the subjects in a College or University.

Many people think that lawyer subjects include only the practical or academic side of a person’s career. But the truth is that many people have an interest in the legal as well as personal sides of a person’s career. There are many instances where the interests of the candidate far outweigh their educational ones. In such a case, the person becomes the perfect candidate for the job. For example, a young lawyer may want to focus on some special aspect of the law such as criminal law, family law, corporate law, tax law, etc.

Every Lawyer subject at a Law Firm is selected on the basis of the experience and ability of the candidates. The number of years spent in the subject matters and the nature of the work done in the subject matter are the deciding factors. Some candidates have a natural flair for math while others may be good at it but their attention span is just not sufficient enough. So these candidates will have to take extra classes in this subject to keep up with the pace. Other important things like personality and communication skills also determine if the candidate is eligible for the subject.

Lawyer blogs are increasing and it gives a detailed insight into the lives of lawyers and what they do on a day to day basis. There are various blogs available and each one talks about the expertise and the areas of specialization of lawyers. Candidates also get to know more about the job market and how the job opportunities are increasing. Blogs also give detailed information about openings for lawyers and the steps to be taken to apply for them. These blogs give you a glimpse into the mind of a lawyer and also explain why lawyers are in such hot demand these days.

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