Lawyer Salaries – How Lawyers Can Help You Get a Better Lawyer Salary

The Lawyer Weekly published their latest report in which they have highlighted the lawyers’ average salaries for the year. The report has also provided details on the different types of law firms and sectors that pay their lawyers higher compared to others. According to the details in the Lawyer Weekly report, the highest compensation that any lawyer can command is almost $300 an hour in Dubai.

The second highest compensation can be traced to Bermuda. On the other hand, the third highest compensation can be seen in the Canadian Lawyer Survey where the lawyers in Toronto earn on average salaries of almost $290 an hour. Then, the fourth highest law firm salary is that of a corporate lawyer who may receive anywhere from seven hundred to one thousand dollars per annum. Last but not the least; the Lawyer’s annual compensation in Nigeria can be traced to around two thousand dollars.

As we can see, the Lawyer Chart has some interesting data on lawyer salaries in Pakistan. However, we need to mention that these are only the salaries of lawyers – not accountants or even administrative staffs at any of the law firms around the country. Hence, we cannot compare them with lawyer income from the corporate sector.

It may be noted here that the Lawyer Weekly’s lawyer salary chart does not include the doctorate salaries or any other doctorates such as masters or PhD. Hence, while comparing the lawyer salary to doctorate salary chart, you need to take into consideration the doctorate percentages too. If the lawyer in your area is getting a similar salary to the doctorate then there is no reason to be disappointed.

Apart from the lawyer annual salary, you can also compare the annual salaries of other professionals such as accountants or administrative staffs. All you need to do is visit the Lawyer Register and you will get the names of dozens of professionals such as finance secretaries, auditors, marketing managers, business analysts, etc. From their names you can gather information about their annual salaries. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect from the lawyer in your area. You can then negotiate for an appropriate salary according to your budget.

It is important that you do not consider the legal aid lawyers only. There are plenty of solo professional lawyers who work on their own. These are the type of lawyers who can expect to earn as much as solo professionals. Many people confuse Lawyer Chart with Lawyer Salary. If you want to negotiate a salary, you have to know about the different types of professionals who work in the legal industry.

The highest paid lawyer in Pakistan is the barrister. He gets an annual salary of around Rs 800 thousand. Barristers generally deal with issues that revolve around administrative law, corporate law, human rights and family cases. Other lawyers who also earn a lot of money are Chartered Accountants, Family Lawyers and corporate attorneys.

If you want to be a top lawyer in Pakistan, then you should learn all about the various fields of expertise such as criminal, corporate, litigation, labor, and public policy. Once you know all the fields of expertise, then you can easily calculate lawyer salary and compare it with other lawyers who work in your city. All it takes is some research and a little bit of luck. But once you find out a lawyer who has the highest annual compensation, you will be able to negotiate it with your employer.

Many people do not know that there are many other professionals who can help them earn a lot of money and get a better lawyer salary. Some of these professionals include Chartered Accountants, Barrister’s Office, and Barristers Office. Many people also go for specialized legal aid organizations. These organizations are made of highly skilled professionals who help legal organizations with case studies, negotiating, drafting documents etc.

If you are willing to start as a new lawyer, then all you have to do is to get admitted into a good law school. After being admitted into a good school, you should start searching for a good lawyer who can help you start your career as a lawyer. Once you get a suitable lawyer, then you can negotiate your lawyer salary according to his performance.

You can also try getting a specialization in a legal field. A specialization is one of the best options for you if you want to get a better lawyer salary. If you become an expert in a particular area, then you will be able to demand higher legal fees. So, if you think you are fit for a higher annual salary, it would be advisable to specialize in some specialized area of law.

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