Lawyer Rizwan Abbasi Still In Jail After Poshawar Mosque Attack

Lawyer Rajwana Ali Baba, a Pakistani American citizen was arrested in the premises of the Pakistan International Bank in Mumbai and has been charged with money laundering and cheating. He has also been charged with involvement in the illegal transfer of money in Dubai, India. According to the investigations, Baba was a representative of Mamas and Asps scheme in India which was banned in July 2021. He was supposed to get an appointment for an interview with the Indian customs officials but was denied by the latter.

The CBT officers searched Baba’s house on the 3rd day of the month of August 2021 after arresting him on the charge of cheating and money laundering. During the search the CBT officers found six loaded firearms, eleven Kalash bags of textiles, three-cut diamonds and two laptops. The other material that was found during the search of Baba’s house was a computer hard drive, a blank check and blank Visa and master card. According to the police, Baba confessed that he was the main suspect in the 2021 Mumbai attacks case. He further confessed that he was supposed to visit Dubai on the 3rd of August 2021 for meetings of Mamas and Asps. However, when the family members arrived at Dubai they were told that Baba was not in that city and instead went to India to attend a meeting of Moms and Asps.

Rajwana Ali Baba is a father of six children. His wife is a graduate from the universities of Harvard and Yale. The suspect had planned to return to India from Pakistan via Dubai on the auspicious occasion of “Vijay” or “wedlock”. However, on the day of the “Vijay” he was supposed to get married to an Indian woman and return to Pakistan. However, on the third day of August when the suspects were apprehended by the cops, they said that the whole story was fabricated. Cops said that the wife made the story up after the arrest.

Apparently the main suspect in the 2021 Mumbai terror attacks case is none other than Rajwana Ali Baba. The lawyer is now fighting a hard fight to prove that the charges against him are false. In fact the defense lawyer has filed a plea of Non Involuntary Remedy against the charges against him. This means that the charges against him are legally non-compliant.

The lawyer claims that the complaint against him was entirely manufactured and concocted by the investigating officials of the detective division of the Mumbai Police. The investigating officer has also stated that Rajwana Ali Baba was never in the Mumbai house when the blast occurred. The investigating officer says that he has proof that Rajwana Ali Baba is not present in the city and that he was actually captured and detained by the cops at an unknown location somewhere in the state. As a result of all this the case against Rajwana Ali Baba has been cancelled and the cops have been asked to discontinue the case against him.

On Tuesday, a judge granted bail to Rajwana Ali Baba, pending his appearance in a Mumbai court on September 3. The judge cited multiple reasons for his failure to appear, firstly that the defense lawyer did not inform the court earlier that his client had undergone minor wounds in a terrorist attack in Maharashtra on August 14. Secondly the prosecutor did not request permission from the court to proceed with the arraignment. The third reason cited by the judge is that the prosecution failed to present any evidence to show that Rajwana Ali Baba was present at the time of the Mumbai attack.

In the wake of all these developments it becomes clear that Rajwana Ali Baba is in deep trouble and will probably be hospitalized until the court proceedings in Mumbai conclude. Whatever be the conditions of the defendants or the nature of the charges against them, the government needs to take immediate action to arrest these terrorist culprits and restore security in the country. If the charges against the defendants are confirmed, they should be punished and made to suffer severely. However, if they are proven guilty, it is obvious that they will be held accountable for their heinous crimes and punishment should be commuted by the President of Pakistan to prevent any future attacks on the state and its people.

The question that now arises is that how long will it take for Rajwana to get out of his custody? Is he also under house arrest? What will be the procedure for his speedy release? All these questions remain unanswered till the time when Rajwana is shifted to Pakistan and given proper house arrest there.

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