Lawyer Quotes From Movies – Why Lawyers Should Not Be Disrespected

It is quite common to come across Lawyer Quotes from Movies in the cinema. Some of the most prominent and popular movies with a Lawyer role are, “The Firm”, “Guess Who’s Here”, “Guess How Much I Love You” and “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”. These movies with a Lawyer in them are quite inspiring. However, the life of a Lawyer is not that easy as many of the films make it seem. One has to face a lot of unwanted office stress along with other office related problems. This is where these Lawyer quotes come in very handy.

“There was an elephant in the room and she asked me about loyalty, but I told her that I wasn’t a lawyer, she was the lawyer.” An amazing Lawyer quote and an interesting one at that. The movie has many quotable lines and this is one of the best examples. It is always nice to hear a quote from an award winning movie and this one from the film “The Firm” certainly explains how the world of Lawyer’s operate. While it is true that there are many dishonest lawyers in the world today, the character of this lawyer in the movie is one who is honest and always does what is right.

Lawyer Movie Quotes from Hollywood plays an important role when it comes to understanding the working styles of Lawyers in the big cities. Lawyer movie quotes from Hollywood to give us a glimpse of the different personalities that famous lawyers have. We also get to know their mindset. So, while watching a Lawyer movie we can easily understand the mindset of the characters portrayed and judge if they are truly good lawyers or not.

One of the most famous Lawyer quotes from Hollywood, which explains the working style of lawyers is, “A lawyer is only as good as his last meeting and the first meeting he had with a client. That is why I carry a briefcase, just in case.” This briefcase is a must have for all lawyers as this gives them the opportunity to carry out their tasks properly and also meet various clients during the course of the day.

Another good Lawyer quote from movies is, “There are lawyers and then there are lawyers. The difference is that I am not a lawyer but I am a lawyer.” This inspirational line from the movie has caught the attention of many people and is being used by many as a motivational quote by the lawyers themselves. In fact these are some of the best lawyers quotes from Hollywood, which helps people to understand the working style of the lawyers.

Some of the other lawyers quotes from Hollywood are; “He who hesitates is lost. Lawyers go around saving the world, while we sit around waiting for them.” Another one is “A lawyer is only as good as his last client, and the first client he handles is the one who did not hire him”. These lines really inspire people to understand that lawyers should not be feared and should be respected.

There are also many other lawyer quotes from movies which can help us understand the working style of lawyers. For example; “One gets attached to things, gets nervous when surrounded by unknown persons and becomes lax on security issues”. These few lines from a movie shall help you understand how a professional lawyer deals with a case.

In conclusion, it can be concluded that legal professionals are indeed using the law to their advantage. When a man who practices in a firm gets involved in litigation, he does so only for the benefits that will accrue later. As far as the law is concerned, every aspect is dealt with in a rational and professional manner. Therefore, the advice to the lawyer is to always be professional even if you feel that you cannot argue your case well. You never know what might come into your life and you want to be prepared for all such eventualities. Hence, if you have any fear about your chances of being able to prove a point, you should not hesitate to seek help from the experts.

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