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Abraham Lincoln often quotes “Lincoln’s saying, that a man must be ready to die old, is not a very wise quote. That is not to say that he would have concreteness in his dying wish; that he would have a wish that was not bound to succeed, or even a design to fail. But he should be ready to die, that is, to expect and accept the consequences of his acts.” The famous speech by our 16th President, Lincoln will live on in the hearts of Americans. We celebrate Lincoln’s legacy every Dec. on this day we remember him as the forerunner of the United States of America.

We celebrate his bravery when he uttered those words and we also honor his resolve to free the slaves. Although some of his actions during the Civil War may seem controversial, Lincoln’s role as a lawyer was important. He wrote a well-known speech on the trial of the Seven Pounds of Malory Sharp, one of the leaders of the Virgin slave trade. His powerful speech ended with this quote; “It is not easy to make a man free, it is sometimes too hard. But to free a man from his native soil is the first step.”

We use many lawyers quotes to demonstrate the importance of lawyers in our society. A good example is the quote by Tom W. Stafford “No man is an island, and no man is free. If we would be free, we must be the people, and our decisions must be Our Last Stand.” A law student may ask why we need lawyers if we can do what we want without the lawyers. Answer that if we are not free then no one would be able to do what they want.

An example could be when Oliver Cromwell was appointed Lord Protector of England; his first appointment was to get rid of King James II. Cromwell did not come directly to power, but rose through the ranks. His greatest challenge was to continue the struggle against King James II until he had removed all vestiges of English rule from the British Isles. He did not succeed; but after he had achieved his goal no one would try to remove him from power.

Another quote is from the Dred Scott case. This is known as the slave-driver’s creed; “I hold it right there, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with natural rights; that those rights exist, and ought to be recognized, for God has established these facts, that all men are equal, and entitled to equal rights before the law, lawfully established, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that whenever they want to act, or move in any form within the jurisdiction of America, they are to do so according to the Constitutions and laws of the United States.” This was written by Jefferson. It was also written by George Washington.

One other lawyer quote concerns the case of John Atkins. He argued a case before the Supreme Court of the United States against a corporation called John Atkins Electric Company. The case ultimately ended in favor of the corporation. The question before the court was whether or not the US government had the power to tax a privately owned electric company. The court ruled in favor of Atkins; thereby setting a precedent for the taxing of corporations in the future.

One more quote concerns Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. He is said to have used these words: “We are now receiving immense aids, either from the house of Congress, or the countrymen, to insure our frontiers, and repel invaders from each side of the Potomac. Such words as these, and the enthusiasm with which they were spoken, convinced the remnant of the rebels to give up their hold on the place, and accept the terms now offered by the American Government.”

Lawyers have often been the chief advocates of the constitution and the laws passed by our government. There are many lawyer quotes available that cite these great men. You might want to check out a few of them today to inspire you to greatness. You can also find other inspiring lawyer quotes by Abraham Lincoln by doing a simple search on Google.

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