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When looking for a Lawyer in Dhaka, it is essential to look at the qualifications of that lawyer. The qualification of a lawyer does not necessarily mean that he is a qualified lawyer in that particular field. Some people confuse the term “qualified” with “professional”.

In the United States, lawyers are categorized by specialties. These are criminal lawyers, family lawyers, patent lawyers, litigation lawyers, and so on. Each specialty has its own specialty law, rules, jurisdictions, and cases. A criminal lawyer can specialize in crimes such as murder, rape, armed robbery, burglary, embezzlement, conspiracy, solicitation, or so on. A civil lawyer, on the other hand, can specialize in various civil cases such as personal injury, corporate crime, employment discrimination, and so on.

In Bangladesh, lawyers are categorized by Specialty. For example, a Defense lawyer is a lawyer specializing in defense for accused in a court of law. On the contrary, a Commercial Lawyer deals with businesses and commercial affairs. He also handles cases relating to business contracts, partnership disputes, landlord-tenant issues, divorce, and so on. An Environment lawyer is specialized in environmental laws and acts in accordance with the regulations framed by Environmental Health Organization (EHO).

It is also necessary to keep in mind that the term “qualified” itself is broad. It means competent, skillful, and experienced in the particular field. For instance, an engineer is qualified to design buildings and roads but not able to solve engineering problems. Likewise, a plumber is qualified to fix plumbing problems but not able to design buildings.

As mentioned earlier, the qualification of a lawyer does not always mean that he is a lawyer qualified. This is because, just like any other profession, a lawyer can be a lawyer or not. If we look at the profession of a lawyer then his education can be considered as the most important aspect. Law School is the first step towards becoming a lawyer. After that you need to pass many bar exams and pass them with flying colors so that you can become a licensed lawyer. The field of Law has a lot of competition and so you need to have sharp skills to excel in this field.

After getting all the required qualifications, there will be a test which will make you qualify to practice Law. This exam is known as the Bar Exam. It has been made compulsory for all lawyers in the United States of America as well as for all lawyers practicing outside USA. To pass the bar exam, you need to have basic knowledge about the Law as well as legal matters. You should have excellent communication skills to deal with people and in case you face any kind of problem then you can easily explain it to them.

There are many areas in which lawyers specialize themselves. For example, if you are interested in human rights then you can become a social worker or an attorney specialized in labor law. In the corporate field, you can become a corporate lawyer, a business analyst, or a financial advisor.

You need to keep in mind that lawyers have specialization and they tend to follow only one area of Law. Hence you need to ensure that you get the specialization in the field in which you want to practice Law. Many people want to become a lawyer but they do not have the required qualifications and expertise and they fail to fulfill their wish. In the United States, you cannot become a lawyer unless you pass the bar exam. Hence you need to keep all these things in mind when thinking of a lawyer qualified meaning you become qualified as soon as possible.

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