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Lawyer Name List. The Lawyer Name List is a database of lawyers which can be accessed by law firms and individuals. The Lawyer Name List was created to make it easy for legal practitioners to find others who are of the same profession, yet who may not be located within their area of operation. These databases enable law firms and busy professionals to search for a partner, or to manage their case load in a much more efficient manner. The Lawyer Name List comprises names and contact details of over one hundred and fifty legal practitioners from across Pakistan. Among them, all prominent personalities of the legal profession such as Nazim Mohammed: finance and commerce; Atta Murghan: terrorism; Iqra Khan: private properties; Shaukat Bhatti: tourism; Ghulam Murtaza: graft and corruption; Asad Ali: human rights; Dr. Aazmi Idrees: cosmetic surgery; Mr. Kamal Ashraf: construction; and many others are featured on the Lawyer Name List.

Lawyer Name List contains both active and retired personalities of the legal profession in Pakistan. The list comprises names of prominent and renowned personalities from different regions and areas of the country including Azad Maidans, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Torkham, Ferozepur, Hyderabad, Rawal, Quetta, Karachi, Dawn, Azimabad, and Multan. The Lawyer Name List is compiled and maintained by the Lawyer Referral Centre (LRC) under the supervision of Tariq Ghani. Since its inception in 1993, the LRC has conducted a series of name-based searches that have assisted in the identification of potential partners, business clients, relatives, friends and relatives. The database covers all levels of public service and corporate engagements and includes personal data such as full name, date of birth, current and past addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, telephone numbers, and other relevant information.

Lawyer Name List has come to the forefront as an important online resource used by individuals and organizations to locate an attorney or practitioner with similar background. The Lawyer Name List enables members of the public to search for attorneys and other legal professionals within their location using an easily navigated interface. Tenders are displayed in alphabetical order according to geographical location. The list also lists the bar association and the designation of the lawyer. Other pertinent details such as fees, nature of practice, experience, location, and website are listed in terms of each category.

Lawyer Name List helps people to find potential partners, business clients, relatives, friends and relatives, as well as relatives and associates who are licensed to practice law in their respective areas. It provides a means to research, compare and contrast the profile of candidates and shortlist those with similar characteristics. The Lawyer Name List can be accessed either free of cost or for a nominal fee. The free listing is available from Lawyer Name List, LLC which is a non-profit company. The charges are applicable to registered users only.

Lawyer Name List has helped clients across the United States, Canada, and several European countries to obtain access to a large database of professional and practicing attorneys. Through Lawyer Name List, one can obtain the contact information of attorneys, law firms, law practitioners, and other legal professionals in one’s area of expertise. This database provides access to hundreds of law firms located in cities and towns around the United States and Canada. Lawyer Name List, LLC is one of the most comprehensive online resources for attorneys and other legal professionals.

Lawyer Name List, LLC was established in2000 as an Internet service providing access to Lawyer Name List, LLC through an online portal. Lawyer Name List, LLC was developed by combining the experience and know-how of seasoned attorneys with the technology of the Internet, to provide clients with access to the largest database of professional and practicing attorneys in the world. Lawyer Name List, LLC was developed to provide Lawyer List subscribers instant access to a full listing of all attorneys practicing in their areas of specialization. The primary function of Lawyer Name List, LLC is to provide easy access to a full listing of attorneys with a choice of different levels of membership.

Lawyer Name List, LLC is affiliated with numerous online legal directories. These directories make it possible for clients to search and review attorneys according to their location and zip codes. The major advantage of Lawyer Name List, LLC is that it allows clients to get legal assistance from lawyers practicing in their area of specialization. In this way, the clients get the best attorney available in their area for the matter concerned. This would ensure better services and better outcome for the client.

Lawyer Name List, LLC has been incorporated into Lawyer Name List, Kxzyz, Jhansuru, and Peksyh. This way, the consumers have a great option to choose the lawyer they need from a large pool of attorneys. Peksyh, Jhansuru, and Lawyer Name List, LLC are some of the leading online directories providing extensive information on various subjects relating to law and professional ethics. The online directories help their subscribers find reliable information on attorneys practicing in their area of specialization. They also give the users the option of reading reviews about the attorneys posted by satisfied users to help the users make an informed decision.

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