Lawyer Movies – Success of the Bombay Televisions

If I had not seen any Lawyer movies till today, I would have definitely rank them among my all time favorite movie genres. Most of my friends love Lawyer movies and always ask me out when a new movie is scheduled to be released. One example of such a movie is “Lawyer” which have won many Academy Awards and is one of the best films of this genre till date. Moreover, the story of this film has everything that any Lawyer wants in a Lawyer movie.

The story revolves around an Ordinary Joe who happens to be an attorney practicing in a Law Firm in Defence Housing Authority Karachi. He seems to be very knowledgeable about various legal matters and heathers a great deal of knowledge about the case he is handling. Heathers is assisted by his friend played by Michael Chiklis, who plays the role of the villainous convict. They work together for the common cause of protecting the innocent people who were arrested for the murder of three men.

This movie has received praises from all across the globe and it has achieved the status of a mega hit. It is one example of how successful a film can be when the right director and the right screenplay are given to the right role. Same is the case with “Lawyer” which was directed by Michael Winner. Winner is known for his work in all types of films and is widely appreciated for his films like “White Cancer” and “Plastic” etc.

The story of this movie is told through the point of view of a lawyer. There are some hilarious scenes between him and his junior colleague who is an aspiring star. Lawyer on the other hand tries to help his junior in solving some legal issues by getting him involved in various cases. After several successful cases, he realizes that his junior cannot be trusted and starts searching for a way to get him out of the case. This ends up in him taking the case to the lawyer’s firm.

The story of the movie revolves around the legal side of crime. There is a twist ending that makes the movie a classy one. The movie has gained much popularity because of its excellent acting performances and the wonderful screenplay that keep the viewers engaged throughout the film. In this movie the criminal lawyer is played by Jason Statham, who has been known for his tough and brave characters.

Another good crime thriller that has been receiving positive reviews is “NCIS”. The series of movies have been quite successful in terms of ratings. The lead character is attorney Michael Knight, whose life is turned upside down when his partner is killed. He then becomes a prime suspect in the murder case and he tries to find the real killer. This has been one example of successful movies in Bollywood. The success of the series has also led to the number of movies in the franchise being released.

The success of the lawyer movies in Bollywood is not surprising considering the demand for a good lawyer character in Indian films. Most of the leading actors in movies have a background as a lawyer or a government agent. The films are generally based on true stories and the characters are inspired by various events in real life. The main characters in the film often have superhuman abilities and their only downfall is their unavailability of time.

Lawyer is one of the most successful crime dramas that has been made for the screen. This has helped the film industries in India in earning huge revenues through ticket sales. The success of the movies has led to the emergence of many television channels that air these movies at various times of the day. So you can also watch this movie at any time of the day. You will love the way the lawyer character is played by Jason Statham.

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