Lawyer Meaning of Tamil Nadu

Every lawyer has his or her own meaning of Tamil in Law. Each lawyer has a specialization in law which he or she is proficient at. But every lawyer has to understand that Tamil is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and it is a major international language. So one needs to have some knowledge about the language and dialect.

The word “Tamil” means “the North”. So when we say lawyer in Tamil, it implies “lawyer of the north”. Now there are some states in India, where the term lawyer is used in a specific way as well. For example the term lawyer is used in Gujarat and is a part of the name of the state. There is no connection between the word lawyer meaning in Tamils and Gujarat.

But in Tamil Nadu, lawyer means “one who deals in cases relating to communal and economic harmony and welfare of people”. In this sense, lawyers from Tamil Nadu are called “social scientists”. So in this sense too, lawyers from Tamil Nadu are called “social scientists”. Similarly, lawyers from West Bengal are known as “people’s attorneys” while lawyers from Karnataka are known as “general lawyers”.

This article intends to explain how the lawyer’s profession has evolved in various parts of India. Many people don’t realize that in the vast non-Hindi speaking regions of India to the lawyer plays an important role. For example in Bihar, there are many pockets of Hindi speaking people who do not know English. Their only medium of communication with the outside world is through lawyers. So this issue can be solved by a lawyer working in Bihar.

There are many other states where the word “Tamil” also means “of the North”. And in some other states the word “Tamil” means “one who practices law in the North”. There are many more such examples. Therefore it doesn’t matter which state a lawyer practices in, he or she is called a “Tamil lawyer”. The profession of a lawyer in Tamil Nadu is distinct and different from that of a lawyer practicing in any other state.

There are many people who have changed the meaning of words for the sake of their education. But we should not be carried away by this. There are certain unwritten rules that are followed by the lawyers in Tamil Nadu. It is our responsibility to adhere to these unwritten rules, otherwise we will be defenseless in front of our litigants.

A Tamil lawyer has to deal with a number of issues related to women, land, dowry, personal injury, communal riots, human rights, human dignity, labor laws etc. But in Tamil Nadu the lawyers have to work within the limits of the setas. As we know that in every state a lawyer has to practice within the jurisdiction, so the lawyers from Tamil Nadu are supposed to practice exclusively in the state of Tamil Nadu. Lawyers belonging to other states can practice in Tamil Nadu only if they receive certification by the Bar of Tamil Nadu.

A lawyer is said to be proficient when he or she has successfully argued a case in a court of law. A lawyer is said to be experienced if he or she has handled a few cases of the same type. So in short, we can say that the meaning of tamil lawyer is different from state to state. A Chennai lawyer may have argued a case of murder, rape, theft and even an appeal for a divorce in a high court of law. So we should always try to find out about the lawyer’s past cases before trusting him or her with our legal affairs.

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