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The word “lawyer” in Urdu is also translated as “Olasheen”, which means leadership or guardian, but the meaning in this context is “a leader who has the power to command”. A lawyer holds the highest position in the society. He initiates a case and makes sure that all the legalities are fulfilled. In some other contexts, this word “lawyer” is not present in the vocabulary of Urdu but this does not matter because we are dealing with a culture here. Law is the most important thing in Pakistan and the largest industry.

The prime importance of a lawyer is that he represents his client in legal proceedings and arbitrates on the cases. If the case is weak then the lawyer helps the client make it strong. This is his prime function in the society. The power of a lawyer lies in his capability to defend a client legally by getting the best possible deal.

The function of a lawyer is further understood when we come to understand the way in which the lawyer carries himself. There are three forms of behavior expected from a lawyer: he acts with fairness; behaves respectfully; and is efficient in carrying out the task assigned to him. In terms of behaviour the lawyer follows a code of conduct. There are a code for women lawyers and a different code for men’s lawyers.

A lawyer has the duty to maintain confidentiality in the case. This code of conduct is observed by all lawyers. The lawyer may not disclose the case number or the exact nature of the case in public. In some cases it is even required to be hidden from certain people. Sometimes the lawyer even has to face criminal prosecution under the code of conduct.

In some cases there may be a question of money in stake. This is why the lawyers use their best speech, their most colorful language and explain the case in the clearest way. This is to ensure that the decision is not taken in haste. The lawyer should never forget to mention the case number at any stage.

When a lawyer meaning into Urdu conducts business, he uses legal jargon that is completely understandable by people of this faith. The language used is Punjabi, Hindi or Telugu. They do not talk in Arabic or Persian. Their speech is always crisp, precise and clear. They are fluent in English, but they are comfortable in Urdu as well.

The law is very complicated. It is advisable that you try to get a good guidebook about the law before you start dealing with anything. This book will help you understand the implications of every word choice.

The profession of a lawyer is a thankless job. A great number of people in the world are willing to take up the profession and yet there are hardly any jobs for them. The shortage of lawyers in the field cannot be justified. It is important that you know lawyer meaning into Urdu if you want to take up the profession.

The word “lawyer” in Urdu cannot be avoided. If you are not aware of it, then you will find it very hard to decode its hidden meanings. Lawyer meaning into Urdu should not be interpreted literally.

You cannot interpret it in the same way as you translate any other word in English. Lawyer meaning into Urdu should be learned through the proper medium. It can be studied in schools or through online mediums. Only an accomplished lawyer could help you understand this word play.

The word “law” in Urdu does not always carry a direct meaning. Sometimes, its connotations are changed according to the culture from where it came. The connotations of this word play have been around for ages. The changes in its meaning occur because of social changes, political happenings and religious festivals. It all depends on the people’s perspective on it.

Lawyer meaning into Urdu may not be directly related to any legal matter. But these meanings do relate to certain legalities. It also has religious meanings. Every religion has a different set of legalities. So, the connotations of Lawyer Meaning into Urdu varies from one religion to another. Different people interpret Lawyer Meaning into Urdu differently.

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