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Lawyer in DHA Karachi means ‘guardian of honor’. It is commonly used in Urdu to mean ‘prince’ or ‘protector’. In fact it is one of the oldest words that still exists in Urdu and it describes someone who protects and defends the honour of his family. Today, even if you do not know the exact meaning of this word, you have no doubt come across it at least once while speaking or writing Urdu.

This word comes from two words, ‘ka’ meaning ‘duty’ and ‘ud’ meaning ‘honor’. These two words form the basis of a concept is a defined term or idea that is applied in a particular context. The duty element refers to something that a person has to do. If you think about the concept further, you will find that ‘duty’ or ‘obligation’ is broader in definition than the word ‘honor’.

Lawyer meaning into Urdu can also be related to the word ‘kafir’. This word is a plural noun that refers to a community or group of people, and which are Muslims by faith. The word can also be used to refer to non-Muslims. In Pakistani culture, it is considered polite to introduce guests with the word kafir before they enter any house or establishment.

In fact, you will often see this word mentioned in business transactions, especially corporate ones. The word conveys certain connotations and it is therefore important to be aware of these meanings before you use it in your conversation. For example, one might say, “Your excellency the prince is coming to town from Dubai”. This indicates that the speaker believes that the guest is a prince or an ex-prince.

The word means ‘piousness’ in Arabic and it is used in Urdu as well. It means religious respect and upright behavior on the part of an individual. This word comes from a combination of two words – mafia and halal. ‘Qafiya’ refers to righteousness, while ‘halal’ means ‘obeying.’ Lawyer meaning into Urdu is therefore a combination of the legal ethics, and social etiquette that are expected from a Muslim individual or group.

Another commonly used word is ‘uzbur’, which means a judge. It is commonly used in legal discussions. In Pakistani culture, it denotes a person who practices Islamic law and is thus thought to be an expert on that field.

Lawyer meaning into Urdu can also be taken from the word ‘kafta’. This word is used to describe an expert on laws. It can be assumed that a doctor who practices on medicine is a kafta. In fact, in many areas of Pakistan, they are required to be highly knowledgeable about their field and their specific area of expertise.

Lawyer meaning into Urdu can be very interesting for those interested in pursuing a career in this field of study. The above mentioned words are just a few from a wide spectrum of possible words. It is certainly worth engaging in some research on the various forms of lawyer meaning available.

Lawyer meaning into Urdu is also based on the word ‘kaher’. This word means a courtier, someone who has an understanding of law. This is quite an honorific that are bestowed on many lawyers, and in fact, it is expected of them. The term can also be translated into a ‘teacher’ or ‘learner’.

A barrister is a legal counselor. A barrister is found in the court of law. This person usually specializes in some specific area of law. For example, a barrister specializing in criminal law would be the man who represents those who have been accused of crimes against society.

A lawyer who deals with family issues is referred to as a mujudiyya. This word denotes a person who represents women. Sometimes this is followed by a word describing the woman’s relationship to her husband or father. As we see, the meaning of this word changes depending on the context in which it appears.

Another word means ‘knowledge’. This word does not necessarily denote a legal professional. In the context of law, it refers to the ability to interpret legal texts. A lawyer who deals with financial matters is called fast. This word means a man who gives legal advice. Other words can also be used in regards to lawyer meaning in Urdu, and these words include ‘kahira’ and ‘midair’.

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