Lawyer Meaning in Urdu and in English

The term “lawyer” in Urdu and in English is not the same thing. Law is an English word derived from the Latin word “Laws”. It is used to describe the profession of lawyers. There are different types of lawyers, including family lawyers, corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, etc.

Lawyers are known as magicians of justice as they predict crimes before the crime has happened. They use magical symbols and formulas to make the law obey them. They are also known as the “enlightened people” as they apply wisdom and knowledge from their heart. In fact, they are the only ones who see the future. There is no other person or thing like a lawyer. A person who wants to get justice must find a law firm that can help him to get that justice.

Law is a very large subject. It covers all the spheres of life. Lawyer deals with all these aspects and helps you solve all your problems. He examines all the facts and decides the case according to his knowledge. A lawyer is the man who stands up for the deprived people. Lawyers are called as “Otvis” in Urdu and “Chizmus” in English.

The word “Law” in Urdu and in English has a very different meaning. In the Islamic law a lawyer is someone who stands for the people. A lawyer is a very important person, as he represents the clients in the court. “Fitnah” means to work legally, “Shura” means the panel or jury and “Nizam” means to settle a contract.

“Shura” means a group or a panel. The “fitna” means to agree. “Nizam” means contracting or a contract. “IKBE” means “Inquiry before Judgment.” In Islamic law a person can only be put to death if he openly and voluntarily accepts the death penalty. If someone wants to put someone to death, but he does not have the courage to kill him then the “Amirat” is given to the person so that he can be put to death only by the law of God.

“Amirat” is a very strong word in Arabic. It means “to bind together.” This word is also used in “Shuras” (Contracts between men). So “Amarat” means binding together or contract.

“IKBE” means” intestine-to intestine to contract.” So it means “loan contract between two individuals.” “IKBH” is another very strong word in Arabic and it means “an inter-relation or a relation involving the organs of the body.” So “Akhbar” means a relationship or inter-relation between two bodies.

The meaning of “Aqaba” is “the right of a lawyer.” So “ikhbar” means the right of a lawyer. In legal terminology “uzm” means a lawyer. And “akhbar” means attorney.

Law is one of the important aspects in life. Without law, man would have no security. Since man needs a legal system to survive, it is important that we have lawyers who can help us in need. Law is the code of conduct that governs the interaction between individuals. Law is a set of rules governing conduct between persons.

“Salaam” means praise or worship. So “Salaam Alkaiseri” is the praise of a lawyer. “Humma” means praise; “Hamma” means law; while “Ihdala” means the duty or responsibility. So “Humma Alkaiseri” is the duty of a lawyer in case of accident.

There are various other words that govern the workings of the law. The commonest ones are “qisas” (acts), “haram” (unlawful) and “maghriba” (non-payment). In Urdu, a lawyer has to explain these laws in simple terms so that people can understand them. In fact, even lawyers explain complicated legal cases in Urdu! Therefore, the word “law” is present in Urdu as well as in English.

Lawyer is not just a name. It denotes profession and status. A lawyer is somebody who stands up for the people or the nation. He provides legal assistance either in personal injury cases or in corporate cases. A lawyer is supposed to be full time professional, and he needs to pursue specialization to advance himself in the profession.

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