Lawyer Khadija Case Resumes After Terrorist Attack

Lawyer Khadija has just ended a five-year stint as the Public Relations Officer of DHA Karachi. He was appointed after his predecessor was suddenly, and mysteriously, relieved from his post just before the end of his contract, without any explanation. There were rumors that he was dismissed because of some involvement with a case that involved ammunition and firing shots. Whatever the reason, by the time he got back to work, he found himself in a fix.

Lawyer Khadija was heading the Public Relations division at DHA when the firing incident took place. He was with his senior staff when the shooting incident happened. The explosion happened near the offices of Lawyer Khadija and his team, as they were all sitting in an area adjacent to the offices of the Human Rights Commission when the explosion occurred. Lawyer Khadija was badly shaken after the incident and was very busy taking calls from people who had witnessed the entire incident and were in immediate touch with the ambulance authorities and emergency services.

After the explosion, at approximately the same time, an ambulance pulled up to take Lawyer Khadija to the nearby emergency hospital. An ambulance driver who had been inside the Law Firm in DHA Karachi reported that three or four people, who appeared to be in their twenties or thirties, were in the ambulance and were screaming loudly. The driver asked the driver to get Lawyer Khadija on the stretcher, but the driver refused, stating that he had already seen what had happened and there was no need for further disturbance. According to the ambulance driver, one of the people in the car, a middle-aged man in his forties, demanded legal action against the employer, stating that he had been forced to work in the position without any contract or agreement and had suffered injuries during the course of his employment.

Lawyer Khadija, who was stabbed 23 times by her classmate, Lawyer Murtaza, while she was studying at the University of Law in Lahore, Pakistan. Lawyer Khadija was working on the final stages of a master’s degree when the incident occurred. She was staying at a hotel in the Gulberg area when the attack took place. At approximately two o’clock in the afternoon, Lawyer Khadija returned home to the scene of the crime, located across the street from her hotel, and immediately called the police, telling them that she had been stabbed.

A witness, identified as Shameer Ahmed, told the police that he saw a man carrying a knife and stabbed Lawyer Khadija multiple times, after she tried to stop him. Police officers took the statements of witnesses, and the suspects were booked under sections pertaining to Attempt to Commit murder, Manslaughter, Shaving the Face, and assault with intent to murder. According to the charges, Lawyer Khadija and her friend Sohair Ahmed had gone to a pub to eat lunch when the two girls were attacked. Lawyer Khadija suffered minor injuries to her legs, as well as bruises on her face, from the attack. Sohair was also wounded during the attack.

After the attack, the suspects fled to the nearby slums of the gulberg area, where they were caught by the police. The police found knives, brass knuckles, and unidentified objects in Lawyer Khadija’s bag, which matched the description given to the victim by the witnesses. The police arrested Ahmed and charged him with attempted murder and assault with intent to murder. Lawyer Khadija was hospitalized and retained a lawyer from the emergency room, after undergoing surgery.

The next day, the chief minister of Karnataka state, B S Yeddyuraj, made a statement in the state assembly, regarding the incident. He called on all the district and panchayat leaders to join hands to bring the culprits to justice and promised that speedy arrest should be made, without any harsh or punitive action taken against lawyers. He also promised that those responsible would be punished through suspension of license. Later that evening, the chief minister made a second statement in the house, in the state assembly, regarding the case. He strongly condemned the attack and shooting and called on all lawyers to cooperate with the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Lawyer Khadija was allowed to resume work the next day, following a brief suspension of license. The chief minister announced that investigations into the case would continue, and that those guilty would be punished. As more details emerged about the crime, the public prosecutor launched a thorough probe into the case. The chief minister assured the public that justice would prevail, and that those involved would be punished. He also called for the resignation of the officials who failed to prevent the attack and promised that such officials would face disciplinary action, and the firing of their licenses.

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