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Lawyer is the name given to any lawyer who practices Law in Pakistan. But for those people who are not aware what lawyer is, “Lawyer” is a part of a phrase used to refer to any attorney practicing Law in Pakistan. Literally, Lawyer is a noun that means a legal expert. Meaning of the term Lawyer is defined as a phrase that means expertise in law and is derived from two words (la). Meaning of Lawyer in Urdu is “Qaadis” and “Nau sharaf”.

Lawyers are specialized professionals specialized in serving individuals, corporations, organizations and governments. In case you are confused with the terms “lawyer” and “litigation”, you should consider the two different concepts from the point of view of the legal profession in Pakistan. Lawyer is the term used for attorneys while litigation is the procedure of courts or tribunals to resolve legal issues like individual cases, corporate matters and government policies and programmes.

Similar words or phrases in English and Urdu that are used for Lawyer are “juries”, “defence” and “court”. In order to have a better understanding about the lawyer meaning in Pakistan, it is essential to study the English and Urdu Lawyer word or phrase from the context of the respective context. For instance, Qaadis (defences) in English is something which provides a defence or acts of defence or something to act in accordance with the constitution and laws of the state. Whereas, in Urdu, it is the word for the judgment or decision rendered in a court or a forum.

The same principles or rules apply to the terminology of Law as well as the profession of the Law in Pakistan. Lawyer is the common word used for attorney, barrister, lawyer and judge. According to English language directory, the term “law-yer” is generally used for any lawyer practicing in the field of law, including those practising in the area of commercial law. Similarly, in the roman language, a lawyer is a term used for the same professional or profession, whereas, in Urdu it is referred to the same profession or law-making authority in the Islamic law.

Similar words or phrases in English and Urdu for Lawyer are “actuated”, “acted or produced by the lawyer”, “court”, “charges”, “coalitions” and “coalitions against interests”. These particular examples mention the prominent role played by lawyers in the society. The same can be known from the word” Democracy” in the English language and “Laws” in Urdu. Both the languages share the same concepts of law, court and rights of citizens.

Similar words or phrases in English and Urdu for Lawyer are “legal aid” and “attorney”. Similar significance and application apply to the phrases “rights of property”, “competition” and “service”. The same is valid for Law as well as to any other profession in Pakistan. In fact, it is an imperative quality in any lawyer meaning he must be a member of National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). And the same requirement is applicable to all lawyers practicing in Pakistan.

Lawyers in Law also provide legal assistance or service to their client i.e. the person who avails them for settling some legal issues. The person can either be a plaintiff or a defendant or an individual or a corporate entity. Lawyer in Law also employs various modes of communication like – emails, fax, telephone calls, live-tour, chat and video conferencing.

With passage of time, different versions of Law as per the requirement of present day society has also evolved in Pakistan like- Qari Law, Buraq Law, Ghazi Law, etc. Law as per the demand of the people is also developed with the passage of time. It has seen many changes over the period of its existence in Pakistan. So, if you are looking for a lawyer in Urdu for your respective situation, then internet can be useful for you to search a good law-lawyer.

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