Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ)

A lawyer or attorney is someone who practices law, generally, a lawyer-in-law, barrister, public defender, attorney-in-law, court representative, court officer, counsel, judge, magistrate, probate lawyer, prosecutor, and/or paralegal. In Pakistan, there are many prominent and renowned professional organisations that provide Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEDU) to fresh lawyers. This training helps lawyers pass the required examination of the Bar Examination Board and becomes a Lawyer Practitioner (LPA) – a member of the Law Society. The aim of Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEDU) is to provide quality training to lawyers who aspire to become professional lawyers.

Law is a specialized area of study. It requires specialization and a minimum period of specialization is three years which can be extended in some countries. This specialization is based on the statutes and laws of individual countries. There are many types of lawyers such as Family Lawyers, corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, litigation lawyers, family law lawyers, corporate lawyers, labour lawyers, tax lawyers, and family/couple lawyers. Each type of lawyer has different specializations and they also require different levels of training.

The goal of Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) is to train lawyers in all the aspects of the law so that they could successfully practice in their respective fields. The courses offered by Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) are two-year programs. They are generally offered by leading Law Schools in the country. Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) prepare students to pass the bar examination, which is compulsory for lawyers working in Pakistan. The main features of Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) are Lawyer Training, Practice, Externship, Expert Witnessing and Examination.

Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) offer students an exclusive chance to learn the basics of law and legal principles. These courses include lectures, seminars, practicum, case studies, guest lectures and workshops. Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) course curriculum is developed by trained experts in all aspects of law. The overall development of Lawyer Education Qualifications (LEQ) program is meant to enhance students’ knowledge and experience about legal issues, so that these students can successfully pass the bar examination and become eligible to practice Law in Pakistan.

Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) programs are conducted by numerous organizations. These programs are unique in nature, as they follow a customized plan for teaching students. In addition, the Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) programs enable the candidates to choose their specialization, according to their aptitude and professional interest. The programs are developed by Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

To be a Lawyer, one must hold a degree from an accredited Law School or University. Besides this, a candidate must also fulfill certain educational and other requirements. It is required by Law that all qualified lawyers should hold at least a bachelor’s degree. For practicing lawyers, the minimum educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree from an American institution and a post-baccalaureate course at an American university.

Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) program deals with general teaching materials and other required subjects. General subjects required in Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) programs are contracts, criminal law, corporate law, labor law, business law and family law. Other specializations in Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) are immigration law, family cases, human rights, labor law and corporate law. Students can complete Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) courses at any accredited Law School or University.

Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) courses can be taken online at very convenient timings. Students can get enrolled in Lawyer Education Programs (LEP) at any time they choose. However, it is mandatory for all students to ensure that they have completed all the requirements for Lawyer Education Qualification (LEQ) before enrolling in a Lawyer Education Programs (LEP).

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