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Lawyer Card is the symbol of prestige and success in any field. These cards are carried by lawyers all around the globe and provide them a professional edge in their respective fields. A well presented Lawyer Card, with a Law Firm Logo on it, gives a positive image about your profession to your potential clients.

“Ahmed & Partner” is a dynamic, progressive, and client-centred law firm, established with a passion to transform the service of legal services, in a way where our clients are assured of high quality, excellent legal advice and service, and above all, value for money. We understand that when you come to us, it is not only important to get our services right; but also that it matters to your future career in law as well. That’s why we have taken extra care while selecting our team of lawyers. Our selection criteria is solely based on our experience, integrity, competence and dedication to the profession, as we believe that a Lawyer should not only be an expert in his/her field, but should be experienced and dedicated to the community as well. We also believe that a Lawyer should be able to give sound legal advice without compromising on the standard of service.

What better way to display your knowledge and experience than through a Lawyer Card? You could also use it to market your skills and expertise so that you attract more clients towards you. A Lawyer Card is a cheap business card that is also attractive. It is small in size and can be easily presented to clients as a miniature professional card.

These promotional business cards are quite common and are available in many websites. A Lawyer Card contains the name and picture of your lawyer along with a brief bio. On the backside of the card is an attractive graphic of the lawyer with the legal text. Some Lawyer Cards even contains a section where you can insert the contact details of your clients. Some Lawyer Cards also has an area where you can add your blog address or website url. This makes it even more attractive for potential clients to buy your services.

Using the Lawyer Card to promote your services has a number of benefits. You can instantly attract several clients to your office. Once you have established yourself with a client, you can ask him to take out a Lawyer Card from his wallet or purse. Once he receives your Lawyer Card from you, he will feel that he has done a great service to you and is deserving of a Lawyer Card too. This can also be a great way to motivate other potential clients to get their legal needs dealt by a lawyer.

Most of the Lawyer Cards are designed in such a way that they can be used as credit cards. Since the Lawyer Card is always kept close to the lawyer’s person, it is also referred to as a business card. This means that even if the lawyer goes off on a business trip, there is no chance that the client will lose his trust in him. The lawyer can also use the Lawyer Card to transfer funds to his own bank account.

The Lawyer Business Card is an ideal item to give out to your customers or clients. You can customize the card by including your logo or a picture of your choice. You can also add a small message such as your company’s name, phone number, fax number and website. Some companies also choose to print the logo of their company on the Lawyer Business Card. This makes the card a really attractive business gift.

Another reason why the Lawyer Card is an ideal business card is that it is very portable. It can be carried around in pockets, handbags or purse, and it is also safe from water, dirt and stains. It also enables lawyers to negotiate better deals with their clients since the card is in their hands all the time. Since lawyers are usually on the road a lot, they need something that will enable them to keep their hands and arms free at all times.

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