Lawyer And Advocate In Marathi – What’s The Difference?

What is the difference between a Marathi lawyer and a DHA lawyer? In a word, difference. While Marathi law is mostly informal and permissive of the legal system in India, while DHA (Defence Association of Pakistan) is more institutionalized and professional. However, both are knowledgeable about the law and have been practicing in their respective fields for many years.

The lawyer has one important function and that is to assist the client in his particular legal case. He prepares all the necessary documents, conducts negotiations with the prosecution and ensures that his client is properly represented. While the advocates work on behalf of their clients in the court, the lawyer studies the case, builds a strong case and defends it with the same fervour as his client. Sometimes, the lawyers combine their services with the advocates in cases of common law and common-law suits. Sometimes they defend cases even when they are not associated with any particular party.

Every attorney or lawyer has their own style of dealing with different kinds of cases, and so their style is also different. The styles are also similar but not identical. You can differentiate between two attorneys, for instance, based on their manner of building arguments in their cases. One might emphasize the pros and cons of a solution, while the other might emphasise the reason for opting for a particular solution.

Most legal advocates in DHA Karachi and across Pakistan practise ‘no win no fee’ cases, where the lawyer does not take any fees if the case is lost. This is not the case in all the countries. In some countries, the lawyer might take a certain percentage of the total compensation if the case is won.

Now let us focus on the other characteristics of a legal representative. A lawyer has to understand the needs and situation of the client very well. He has to ensure that he explains every detail to the client as clearly as possible. He should keep in mind the strengths of the case and work towards those. An advocate who understands the needs and circumstances of the client, renders sound legal advice and helps the client achieve the maximum compensation.

Another important quality of a legal professional who practices in this field is his knowledge about law and legal procedures. He should be familiar with all the laws prevailing in the particular state. He should be able to cite the relevant laws in the relevant cases whenever asked by the client. An advocate who is good at law and procedure will have an easier time dealing with the judge, the prosecutor and the defense lawyer.

The experience of a particular lawyer is also important. Different lawyers work in a different field and handle different types of cases. There are reputed and experienced advocates who do not practice exclusively in law courts. There are also advocates who do not have any affiliation with any law organization and work solely on a personal basis. All the three qualities are important in a good lawyer.

There may be other differences between lawyer and advocate in Marathi but this is a general one. All the three qualities are important for a legal professional. It is therefore necessary to choose a lawyer carefully. Check the number of years he has been practicing. Also, check how many such cases he has handled successfully in the past.

You should also check the expertise of the legal professional. He should have a good knowledge about all the laws applicable in your case. Apart from this, he should also have a sound knowledge about the legal procedure involved in your case. A lawyer who does not have much of an experience in handling such type of cases is of little help to you as he may not be able to present your case in a better manner.

The lawyer you choose must be trustworthy. There are various scams around. There are some firms that do not pay up their legal aid as and when they are supposed to. To avoid these scams, always select a legal firm or a lawyer that is popular and famous among the people. There are certain legal aid services providers who even accept payments in advance, which is a clear scam.

To find a suitable lawyer, you can either approach the Bar Association of Mumbai or the Bar Association of every state in India. In case you are residing in a particular state, it would be better to approach the Bar Association of that state. If there are no Bar Associations in your state, you can even approach the solicitors in that state directly. Though it is difficult, at least you would be able to know the difference between a lawyer and advocate in Marathi.

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